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Thursday, December 15, 2011

12WBT round 3 2011

1. Describe in 25 words or less (why is it always 25 words) the you that you were before 12wbt.

I was depressed, unhappy and living my life for other people. I was not who I was meant to be. I was not me.

2. Now - who are you now??

I am alive, happy and living my life both for others but also looking after myself. I do things that I am afraid of. I don't sit on the sidelines - I live my life!

3. What has the hardest been the hardest thing to make habit THIS ROUND?

Reaching for things other then food when I am feeling down.
4. What has been easier to make habit than you thought it would be?

Keeping up the exercise when life is hard.

5. How has your body changed THIS ROUND?

It's gotten a little fatter!! LOL! Just a couple of kilo's. I was at my peak weight just before the round started. 58.3kg! Perfect weight... Now I am around 61kg...

6. How has your mindset changed this round?
This has been THE most hugest thing and I think this round the mind stuff has been the hardest part of my journey over the last 2 years! I have realised so major things about myself. How I have used food; how I have high expectations of myself; how a few minor setbacks do not equal failure!! Huge lessons this round!

7. Finish this sentence "I now know I am strong because ..."

I CAN maintain my weight. I CAN keep living the life I need to live in order to be fit and healthy - both on the inside and outside. I know I can because I will never give up. Someone told me when I was struggling that one thing they loved about me was my persistence and resilience... I am a determined person and they love that about me.

8. Finish this sentence "I am proudest of ...."

Being able to find the courage to do things which have scared the CRAP out of me! Swimming is the perfect example although there were many!! I got swimming lessons for a while during the round and found them really tough!

9. Finish this sentence "In 8 more weeks you will see me ...."

Still eating healthy and exercising ... and doing the hard yards with my mind.

10. What word applies to you now - that you never would have used before 12wbt?