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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mish at Chadstone

Mish was signing books at Chadstone on Sunday.. It was my first book signing day ever... AND I got to catch up with a whole bunch of other 12WBT people!! YAY!! I had a bit of an oopsie in that when I was trying to pull it all together - people were asking if we were going to wear a specific colour... The idea sounded great and a couple of different colour ideas were thrown around... Eventually I decided on blue and sent the message around telling everyone to wear blue... After a day or so someone says to me, "Umm, Kel what do you think Mish thinks of the colour blue: Isn't red her colour??" MAJOR blonde moment happened there - Seriously!! Anyway, it was too late to change it so we just ran with the blue... There was no comment from Mish about the blue colour! LOL! Although, a few comments from other people saying they were hoping Shannon was gonna rock up!! I was totally not thinking of Biggest Loser Show when I was doing it!! Oops!

When I went to get my book signed; when she saw me she says to me, "OMG, I recognise this face - How are you going!?!" I was SO excited - I was NOT expecting her to remember my face... She has seen about a million people since I last saw her!! Hahaha!! Anyway, I jabbered on for a few minutes to her before the next book was put under her nose and I was booted off... But SHE RECOGNISED ME!! (She probably has no idea WHERE she recognises me from but still!!!) Hehehe...

It all worked out really well with the group getting together too... Mish came over afterwards and gave us a pep talk on being committed - she was a bit scary actually yelling at us all... then we had a group photo... and then we all went off together and had coffee and a catch up!! I'm glad it worked out - nothing worse then trying to organise something and having it FLOP! LOL

It will be exciting to do stuff with the people I met on Sunday in the future too!! Like the BOOTCAMP this weekend!! WOO!! Scared stiff I am... Bring it on!! LOL

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving my fitness course

Well, I have to confess to having been a little worried about the anatomy part of the course (which happens to be MOST of what a Cert 3 is!!) LOL! I did NOT take Biology, nor did I take PE or Health in year 12... However, I DID do Anatomy in first year Uni and FAILED!!! Bahahaha!!! LOL! (I got 48% and passed with a sup exam)...

But, it has been working out SO well!! The (little) bit that I must have remembered at uni + the bits I have learned since working out myself at the gym the past year = EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!! YAY!

Being called to go out the front of the class and asked to show which bone is the radius after he has been through it ONCE was a little stressful - but my memory did not fail me (for a change) and no mental blanks occurred and I was able to remember the Radius is attached to the thumb side of the lower arm... (PHEW)!

A seriously embarrassing moment was when he stood up the front of the class and was asking about things people valued in a gym. He picked me out and said something along the lines of: What about you? You look like you would like gym with decent weights in it! OMGosh... Embarrassment!! STUPID MUSCLES!!! Where is that jump suit when I want it!! My old PT used to tell me she needed to get me a jump suit so I didn't have to be distracted by my fat in the mirror... Now, I think I need a jump suit to hide my muscles!!! I really don't think they stand out *that* much....  !!!

And, I am LOVING spending so much time being able to play with the gym equipment!! We spend at least half a day in there most days!! Excitement!! And there is NEW stuff there which I haven't played with before!! My old gym never had all the cable equipment and I haven't seen it in my new one either (although I might be blind).. So, I have been playing around with that a bit... FUN!! Hehehehe....

Spending time with other people who are just as excited by this stuff as me is pretty awesome too!! The girls I hang around with there are not quite as insane as me when it comes to the exercise - but perhaps my insanity will be contagious!! It's been my experience that it does have that effect!! LOL!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doozies of workouts lately!!

I have done a few really nasty, horrible things in my training lately which I thought I'd blog about!! If I end up training any of you guys - be VERY scared!! Hahahaha! I make a point of writing down the most insane and painful of my workouts.... so that in the future, I may share them with other lucky individuals!! lol..

Umm... yeah, let's NOT have any
ambulances called on MY
watch thanks!! lol

Some of you will know that I am studying a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness this year... One thing I am looking forward to learning during the course of the year - is how to pitch training at a lower impact level.. I reckon I have the insane scary thing down pat (and those that know me would agree!!) But give me someone weak and unfit - and I might just kill them. Literally. Hehehehe.. I have had many people already ask me if I could practice training on them - because apparently they want to look like me, and do what I have done with the weightloss.. lol... which really is very nice, but let me just say - if that is the case than I must HIDE THE MANY AND VARIED FLAWS WELL!!! Oh yeah... I own mirrors guys. lol...

Anyway, both for my own memory and for other people's benefit if they so wish to kill themselves, here are some things I have done in my training recently!!

Begin with 20 reps of something using a lower weight
ie. 20 reps of 10kg dumbbell chest press
Next do 15reps of that same exercise using a higher weight
ie. 15 reps of 12.5kg dumbbell chest press
Lastly do 10reps of that same exercise using an even higher weight
ie. 10reps of 15kg dumbbell chest press

Circuit (as many times through as you feel the need): 20 Box Jumps / 100 Skipping / 20 Knee Repeaters / 10 Tuck jumps / 20 Tricep Dips / 50 Mountain climbers

Box Jumps

Tuck jumps

Assisted pull-ups... Ditch the ball
and put your feet on the ground

Sit ups and boxing with weights. (Just hold the weights in your hands as though you are boxing with gloves!!)
Do one sit up: 2 boxing (ie. Jab / Cross)
Do one sit up: 4 boxing (ie. Jab / Cross / Jab / Cross)
Do one sit up: 6 boxing
Do one sit up: 8 boxing
All the way to; Do one sit up: 20 boxing

21 of each; then 18 of each; then 15 of each; then 12 of each.

Barbell Squat Press
Squat and barbell press. (Hold the bar in front and squat down; as you stand up push the bar above your head).
Jump squats
Pull-ups (Can do them with your feet on the ground like an upside down push-up - see right)
Sit-ups holding a medicine ball
Lunges with bar on back (each leg gets the reps!!)
Burpees (nasty!!)

Leg extension weight machine: 8 reps.
Push it up and hold it for 8 sec
Push it up and hold it for 7 sec
Push it up and hold it for 6 sec
All the way down to 1 sec

And some boxing stuff!! (This time with proper pads and gloves  no weights involved).

20 punches / 10 lunges and 10 kicks (lunge / kick / lunge / kick)
18 punches / 9 lunges and kicks
16 punches / 8 lunges and kicks
14 punches / 7 lunges and kicks
12 punches / 6 lunges and kicks
10 punches / 5 lunges and kicks
Swap legs and do it all again.

To get a sprawl - do a burpee
and get your tummy on the ground
in the middle!!

20 J + C / 20 UC / Run /10 jump squats / 10 push-ups
18 J + C / 20 UC / Run / 9 jump squats / 9 pushups
down to
2 J+C / 2 UC / Run / 1 jump squat / 1 pushup

20 J+C / Sprawl
18 J+C / Sprawl
down to 2 J+C / Sprawl

Monday, February 14, 2011

Goals for 2011.

Well, here they are!! Mish always says to aim high!! lol.

It's always a bit scarey to put them out there... but there they are.

Food Goals.


I will be organised and plan, shop, cut/chop and cook so that family and I can eat healthy meals.
5 glasses of water per day.
At least 1 piece of fruit per day.
Salad or veggies at both lunch and dinner.
Cook at least one new healthy recipe every month.
Keep the family eating lots of fruit and veggies and healthy meals too.

Exercise Goals.
I will get uncomfortable during my training sessions - and push myself hard to reach my goals.
1 hour exercise 6 days a week.
17.5kg dumbbell chest press by 10 reps twice by June. (20kg ones by end of the year).
4 un-assisted chin-ups straight by June. (10 chin ups by end of the year).

Do 14.1km in April and the half marathon run in July.
Do a triathlon in the second half of the year.

Learn how to swim properly by the end of the year and do a triathlon.
Learn how to do kipping chin-ups by the end of the year.

Weigh every week to ensure the weight does not creep up!
Maintain between 59kgs and 62kgs.
Get another dexa scan done in March and make sure I am going forwards or maintaining - not going backwards!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am BACK.

Well, I am BACK!! (And I hope I stay that way!! lol)

Got everything planned and organised what we are all eating for the week... It's brought, put away and even chopped up!! WOO! Just needs cooking, which I will do a bit tomorrow... It's good to be back! Hehehe...

Went and caught up with some 12WBT girls for lunch which was great!! Looking forward to doing many more things with them this year... (Including that insane bootcamp which is coming up in a couple of weeks!!)
I gotta say I love my BLC and 12WBT friends!! Some of whom I have not even met yet - but they are SOoo very encouraging!! I love the fact that we all have a common goal and that most of them really understand where you are coming from!! I love the fact that they get excited about healthy recipes which have low calories, and most are enthusiastic and excited about totally getting smashed in an exercise session too!! Where else would you find that?? lol
My gym buddies are awesome for this too!! AND I actually get to see them on a regular basis!! (Although, not as regular as I would have liked this year with my move and gym transfer!!)

A big KISS to all those who have been so encouraging!! MWAH!

Stay tuned for this years goals!! Hmm... What to pick! ?? So many things I want to do!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Struggling at the moment... There are no pics because firstly I have no time for pics and secondly I am not in a pics mood!! lol

A couple of weeks ago I moved house one day and had my brother pass away the next day... My husband has recently began a new job too... And the kids just started a new school (one with Autism which presents its own issues and one just starting prep!)
Sooooo exhausted!! It takes a lot of energy for me to eat healthy. It takes physical time and effort to prepare healthy meals... Time to plan what you will eat and what you need to buy, time to go shopping and buy the food, and then time to cut and chop and cook the food!! It takes emotional and mental effort for me to eat healthy meals... Who feels like eating carrot sticks when the feel lousy?? (I don't want to hear about it if that is you - you are NOT NORMAL!! lol).
Up until a day or two ago I was seriously feeling paniced at the length of my to do list! It was approximately 3 A5 pages long... Planning?? No time (or energy)to plan ahead- I was running on a day to day basis. What is on for tomorrow? What do I need to do to get ready for tomorrow? Which things off the to do list really needed to happen tomorrow?
I am struggling to get on top of it all... I am pleased to say I have been able to get to the gym most days and have not put on much weight (perhaps a couple of kilos which is still within maintainance at the moment)...
But - I really need to get those good eating habits back again soon - I do NOT want that 47kg's back again!!!
I guess this post is to remind myself not to give up... to keep on struggling along.. It will get back there again. (Hopefully with not to much damage weight and fitness wise!!) I have already lost the running ability I had there - I did 5km around Lilydale lake and managed to do that but it was SOooo difficult towards the end... How quickly you lose it!! :-(

I wanted to share one of the stories which someone else told about my brother at his funeral - I really think it describes him to a "T"! !! I'm gonna miss him! :-(

I had Chris with me doing some white water
canoeing. Our canoe was design for flat water, not rapids. I expected
to be spending a bit of time tossed out of the canoe, so I wasn’t
wearing glasses, and couldn’t easily see the best route down the
rapids. I told Chris he was the boss – all he had to do was choose the
route and yell instructions at me.
At the first rapids he would call “Left, slow down a bit, now right, go
again, now slow” and so on. This worked well for several rapids, then
we reached one where Chris yelled, “Go, Go, Go, GO”. Which we did,
and ended up tossed out and bouncing down the rapids.
Several more rapids with the “Slow, now right, OK a bit faster”
approach, then a few more later another “Go, Go, GO” set of rapids,
again ending up in the drink.
A few more carefully navigated rapids, and then the 3rd “Go, Go. GO”
set of rapids, again tossed out. So this time I asked Chris, “What’s
happening with this ‘Go, Go, Go?’ thing?” To which he replied, “John, if
I can’t see any good way through, I figure we might as well just go