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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doozies of workouts lately!!

I have done a few really nasty, horrible things in my training lately which I thought I'd blog about!! If I end up training any of you guys - be VERY scared!! Hahahaha! I make a point of writing down the most insane and painful of my workouts.... so that in the future, I may share them with other lucky individuals!! lol..

Umm... yeah, let's NOT have any
ambulances called on MY
watch thanks!! lol

Some of you will know that I am studying a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness this year... One thing I am looking forward to learning during the course of the year - is how to pitch training at a lower impact level.. I reckon I have the insane scary thing down pat (and those that know me would agree!!) But give me someone weak and unfit - and I might just kill them. Literally. Hehehehe.. I have had many people already ask me if I could practice training on them - because apparently they want to look like me, and do what I have done with the weightloss.. lol... which really is very nice, but let me just say - if that is the case than I must HIDE THE MANY AND VARIED FLAWS WELL!!! Oh yeah... I own mirrors guys. lol...

Anyway, both for my own memory and for other people's benefit if they so wish to kill themselves, here are some things I have done in my training recently!!

Begin with 20 reps of something using a lower weight
ie. 20 reps of 10kg dumbbell chest press
Next do 15reps of that same exercise using a higher weight
ie. 15 reps of 12.5kg dumbbell chest press
Lastly do 10reps of that same exercise using an even higher weight
ie. 10reps of 15kg dumbbell chest press

Circuit (as many times through as you feel the need): 20 Box Jumps / 100 Skipping / 20 Knee Repeaters / 10 Tuck jumps / 20 Tricep Dips / 50 Mountain climbers

Box Jumps

Tuck jumps

Assisted pull-ups... Ditch the ball
and put your feet on the ground

Sit ups and boxing with weights. (Just hold the weights in your hands as though you are boxing with gloves!!)
Do one sit up: 2 boxing (ie. Jab / Cross)
Do one sit up: 4 boxing (ie. Jab / Cross / Jab / Cross)
Do one sit up: 6 boxing
Do one sit up: 8 boxing
All the way to; Do one sit up: 20 boxing

21 of each; then 18 of each; then 15 of each; then 12 of each.

Barbell Squat Press
Squat and barbell press. (Hold the bar in front and squat down; as you stand up push the bar above your head).
Jump squats
Pull-ups (Can do them with your feet on the ground like an upside down push-up - see right)
Sit-ups holding a medicine ball
Lunges with bar on back (each leg gets the reps!!)
Burpees (nasty!!)

Leg extension weight machine: 8 reps.
Push it up and hold it for 8 sec
Push it up and hold it for 7 sec
Push it up and hold it for 6 sec
All the way down to 1 sec

And some boxing stuff!! (This time with proper pads and gloves  no weights involved).

20 punches / 10 lunges and 10 kicks (lunge / kick / lunge / kick)
18 punches / 9 lunges and kicks
16 punches / 8 lunges and kicks
14 punches / 7 lunges and kicks
12 punches / 6 lunges and kicks
10 punches / 5 lunges and kicks
Swap legs and do it all again.

To get a sprawl - do a burpee
and get your tummy on the ground
in the middle!!

20 J + C / 20 UC / Run /10 jump squats / 10 push-ups
18 J + C / 20 UC / Run / 9 jump squats / 9 pushups
down to
2 J+C / 2 UC / Run / 1 jump squat / 1 pushup

20 J+C / Sprawl
18 J+C / Sprawl
down to 2 J+C / Sprawl

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