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Monday, February 14, 2011

Goals for 2011.

Well, here they are!! Mish always says to aim high!! lol.

It's always a bit scarey to put them out there... but there they are.

Food Goals.


I will be organised and plan, shop, cut/chop and cook so that family and I can eat healthy meals.
5 glasses of water per day.
At least 1 piece of fruit per day.
Salad or veggies at both lunch and dinner.
Cook at least one new healthy recipe every month.
Keep the family eating lots of fruit and veggies and healthy meals too.

Exercise Goals.
I will get uncomfortable during my training sessions - and push myself hard to reach my goals.
1 hour exercise 6 days a week.
17.5kg dumbbell chest press by 10 reps twice by June. (20kg ones by end of the year).
4 un-assisted chin-ups straight by June. (10 chin ups by end of the year).

Do 14.1km in April and the half marathon run in July.
Do a triathlon in the second half of the year.

Learn how to swim properly by the end of the year and do a triathlon.
Learn how to do kipping chin-ups by the end of the year.

Weigh every week to ensure the weight does not creep up!
Maintain between 59kgs and 62kgs.
Get another dexa scan done in March and make sure I am going forwards or maintaining - not going backwards!!


  1. Awesome goals Kell! And you will achieve. You're an absolute inspiration.

  2. Kelly, you are one of the most determined people I have gotten to know! You will rock!!!

  3. wow kelly..u sooo rock.... love the photo of you at the gym ...looking smokin hot ..i am CERTAIN you will acheive all these goals and more :) xx

  4. You are just too awesome for words.... :D xxx

  5. Awww.... I love you guys!! Thanks for the encouragement!! MWAH!
    I will remember this when I am busting my butt to achieve them.. lol