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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving my fitness course

Well, I have to confess to having been a little worried about the anatomy part of the course (which happens to be MOST of what a Cert 3 is!!) LOL! I did NOT take Biology, nor did I take PE or Health in year 12... However, I DID do Anatomy in first year Uni and FAILED!!! Bahahaha!!! LOL! (I got 48% and passed with a sup exam)...

But, it has been working out SO well!! The (little) bit that I must have remembered at uni + the bits I have learned since working out myself at the gym the past year = EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!! YAY!

Being called to go out the front of the class and asked to show which bone is the radius after he has been through it ONCE was a little stressful - but my memory did not fail me (for a change) and no mental blanks occurred and I was able to remember the Radius is attached to the thumb side of the lower arm... (PHEW)!

A seriously embarrassing moment was when he stood up the front of the class and was asking about things people valued in a gym. He picked me out and said something along the lines of: What about you? You look like you would like gym with decent weights in it! OMGosh... Embarrassment!! STUPID MUSCLES!!! Where is that jump suit when I want it!! My old PT used to tell me she needed to get me a jump suit so I didn't have to be distracted by my fat in the mirror... Now, I think I need a jump suit to hide my muscles!!! I really don't think they stand out *that* much....  !!!

And, I am LOVING spending so much time being able to play with the gym equipment!! We spend at least half a day in there most days!! Excitement!! And there is NEW stuff there which I haven't played with before!! My old gym never had all the cable equipment and I haven't seen it in my new one either (although I might be blind).. So, I have been playing around with that a bit... FUN!! Hehehehe....

Spending time with other people who are just as excited by this stuff as me is pretty awesome too!! The girls I hang around with there are not quite as insane as me when it comes to the exercise - but perhaps my insanity will be contagious!! It's been my experience that it does have that effect!! LOL!


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