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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mish at Chadstone

Mish was signing books at Chadstone on Sunday.. It was my first book signing day ever... AND I got to catch up with a whole bunch of other 12WBT people!! YAY!! I had a bit of an oopsie in that when I was trying to pull it all together - people were asking if we were going to wear a specific colour... The idea sounded great and a couple of different colour ideas were thrown around... Eventually I decided on blue and sent the message around telling everyone to wear blue... After a day or so someone says to me, "Umm, Kel what do you think Mish thinks of the colour blue: Isn't red her colour??" MAJOR blonde moment happened there - Seriously!! Anyway, it was too late to change it so we just ran with the blue... There was no comment from Mish about the blue colour! LOL! Although, a few comments from other people saying they were hoping Shannon was gonna rock up!! I was totally not thinking of Biggest Loser Show when I was doing it!! Oops!

When I went to get my book signed; when she saw me she says to me, "OMG, I recognise this face - How are you going!?!" I was SO excited - I was NOT expecting her to remember my face... She has seen about a million people since I last saw her!! Hahaha!! Anyway, I jabbered on for a few minutes to her before the next book was put under her nose and I was booted off... But SHE RECOGNISED ME!! (She probably has no idea WHERE she recognises me from but still!!!) Hehehe...

It all worked out really well with the group getting together too... Mish came over afterwards and gave us a pep talk on being committed - she was a bit scary actually yelling at us all... then we had a group photo... and then we all went off together and had coffee and a catch up!! I'm glad it worked out - nothing worse then trying to organise something and having it FLOP! LOL

It will be exciting to do stuff with the people I met on Sunday in the future too!! Like the BOOTCAMP this weekend!! WOO!! Scared stiff I am... Bring it on!! LOL

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