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Friday, March 4, 2011

Boot Camp with Tommy Hopkins

The track we were running
on - it was either UP or

Well, it absolutely POURED for the first few hours of the boot camp this morning!! I had rain hanging of my eyelashes so I could not see where I was going!! After a warm up of star jumps, push-ups, commando crawls, burpees and the like we went on an hour long run up and down some SERIOUS hills!!! I have never been so glad I can run in my life - that session would have totally taken me out for the day if I was still at the "finding running difficult" stage...

Now THIS was FUN!! LOL

The second session was a whole bunch of sit ups, push ups, squats and running with sandbags. One thing which was particularly fun was when we had to put the sandbag into our laps and then a couple of people had to drag us up and down the hill.

We had one drill where we had to get all the sandbags across everyone lying down without them touching the ground... and then someone actually had to crawl across everyone!!

The third session was carrying bricks UP ABOUT 200 STAIRS and around and down and UP ABOUT 200 STAIRS and around and down etc... I walked up the stairs and ran down. It was really hard to run with the bricks!! They cut up my arms something shocking!! And I couldn't hold them close enough to me while I was running because they were taking my skin off!! So I had to hold them in the air and run... Not quite sure how good that was for the shoulder joints!! LOL

The forth session was shuttle runs with lots of different things put at each cone: Jump squats, push ups, sit ups, burpees. ie. Sprint to the first cone and do 10 mountain climbers, second cone 20 mountain climbers, third cone 30 mountain climbers.

The fifth session was the commando course. Here we had to climb over walls, through tunnels, swing across some sewerage water, go through tyres and across ropes.... You think of it we did it. TWICE!! LOL. Mud, rocks, bruises, slime and stink!! Was awesome fun.

The sixth session was using tyres as weights and kettle balls, with lots of sprints. Turn the tyres over, run with the tyres, do push-ups on the tyres, use them to do tricep extensions, and rows... The kettle balls were going above our heads, between our legs, to the sides... and any other direction!! LOL

The seventh session was using a massive rope and dragging tyres with sandbags.

Dispite the fact that I was seriously delerious and had numerous cuts and bruises all over me... and dispite the fact that I was having problems walking the next day - It was SO worth it!! FUN!!
I did a PT session the next day and seriously almost cried - IT HURT!!