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Sunday, May 29, 2011

12WBT Party. Round 1 2011

I was just looking at the photos of the 12WBT party which was a couple of weeks ago now... It was *such* an awesome night I just HAD to blog about it!!

Another 2 people who
I could not have made
this journey without!

You would think that having the party in melbourne would make it easier to organise and get too... but no.. nothing is that simple!! LOL... After many plans falling through it was finally settled that I would just stay the night in the city with my awesome friend Mel. Being that we decided at the last minute to go this way -- we had to get a room with one bed... I did wonder how this would go after a couple of drinkies -- was hoping I wouldn't wake snuggled up to her or anything. But it was all good - I managed to stay on my own side!! (Well, that's where I woke up anyways). Haha..

Gotta love hair shots!! LOL

Managed to get a hair appointment in the hotel we were staying at - The Blow Dry Bar.. Interesting name huh.. lol. Anyways, most hairdressers serve you coffee or tea while you get your hair done -- this one it was champagne!! WOO!  Despite the fact that I am not really a champagne girl I downed what they gave me, not really thinking about the fact that I had not had lunch (it was almost 4pm) and had been running around all morning at Mish's training event!! BAHAHAHA!!! Let's just say the lift ride back to the room was interesting. I think when I tripped up the shower step they decided they needed to do my makeup and nails for me.... lol... Anyways, after some coffee and some subway the world was staying still again.. Haha..

I LOVE my ladybugs... MWAH!!

The party was awesome!! I caught up with some amazing people... some for the first time, and some who I had not seen in a long time!! I got a little emotional when I met Amy... She has been there since the beginning of my weight loss -- supporting me -- but I had not met her before!! *snif* Love ya Aim!! Was sooo great to spend some time with you that weekend! All these women to the right, I really could not have done this whole journey without... They really have been my rock. . Pulling me up and kicking me up the bum to get me going again when I despair.

It was a little on the crowded side and slightly difficult to move -- but fun anyways. Was great to be able to take a couple of friends to meet everyone too!! And of course, an open bar ALWAYS is going to make for a fun (and funny) night! LOL

I met the BIO-AGE guy off the biggest looser TV show. He was nice -- gave me a photo and all. Haha! Mel was hilarious!! "Your the bio-age guy! The one with the sexy voice!!"  Bahahaha!!! Well, he was much better than the next guy who tried to lap dance her -- now THAT was a sight I wish to forget! eewww.. LOL

Oh -- and EXCITEMENT!! I won a door prize !! A $500 photo shoot with starshots!! YAY!! Make over and photo shoot... now THAT will be fun! LOL...

An awesome night, with some awesome people. And, as per usual -- I couldn't pass up a photo opportunity with Mish.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok... so this may be a little over
the top.. LOL

Assessments... Exams... Tests.. ... ... .. Suffering... Torment... Anxiety...  Perhaps I should just be put out of my misery NOW!! I hate exams with a passion that could probably set fire to metal. (That's a lot of passion!!)

Here I am with 3 university degrees under my belt and I am being tormented by a TAFE course. Surely, if one can pass 3 various university degrees, one can also breeze through a TAFE course. You would think so... However, there is a flaw to this thinking!! One tiny little spanner in the works... In one word - EXAM.

Do you know HOW I chose my subjects for my university courses?? Well, where ever possible I picked out the subjects which had solely WRITTEN assessments... Those ones where you could take your time, fluff around, write many many drafts, and get someone else to check it over before you hand the final thing in. I ended up studying gerontology because of this strategy...  Yep - THAT'S how I got my university degrees. Of course, there were some exams I just couldn't get around... most I passed... some I failed miserably (32% in Japanese) and some I just scrapped through (48% Anatomy/Physiology-passed sitting a sup).

Just hearing the word oral assessment/exam has my stomach twisting and my blood pressure sky rocketing. But what has to be done - has to be done... So SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!!

One down - Two to go! Yep - Managed to pass the thing. WOO HOO!! Not without some SERIOUS blonde moments though!!
I was off to an awesome start when (having previously been given the health assessment) I asked for a copy of the health assessment to fill in. Oh yeah... I was serious too... Hahahaha!!! Then as I do in my job I asked the client to fill in their details at the top of the form -- to which I was told - Nope: you are to do it!!... LOL! Like I said, AWESOME start... By now I was dripping some serious sweat!! Bahaha!! Managed to get through the next little bit ok... Got some ok scores on the bike test and the sit and reach test (YAY!)
Wrote my nutrition and program up for the guy I had and it was off to the gym to do some more testing.... This went mostly ok -- apart from a couple more MAJOR blonde moments!!

So, in the tricep overhead extension what is the action happening at the elbow... Hmmm - let me think about that for a minute because I am not quite sure.... Seriously?? Oh, and what muscle is used here... Hmmm... just need to think about that one too... OMGosh.... Sadly, yes... I WAS serious!! Hahaha!!

I am used to working with girls... ok?? I work in a girly gym.... I have taken female clients through their programs ... I hang around with females at TAFE... Give me the GIRLS I tell you!! *sigh* (smacks forehead with palm)
So, it comes to the demonstration of the dumbbell chest press. I go through how the feet can be flat on the floor if your back does not arch up off the bench -- otherwise, as I do you can put your feet on the bench... So you start with your arms up above your chest and bring them down to your .... to your... umm.... your... (looking really dumb right about now and eventually get out) middle of the chest!! Then you push them back up again. Bahahahaha!!   I seriously could not get the word out... NIPPLES... There I said it... NIPPLES!! There I said it again.... How about a third time - NIPPLES!!! *sigh*... Give me the girls I tell you. I just can not tell a guy that I bring the bar/dumbbells down to my nipples. LOL. I could probably tell him to bring it down to his nipples if he was doing it wrong -- but when it's about MY nipples?? That's different!! Then again... perhaps I am just special and other people don't mind talking about their nipples.

 Anyways... very glad to be onto the second round! One down - Two to go! (Perhaps I need to start psyching myself up to be talking about my nipples now... LOL) *sigh* (smacks head again)..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Goals are awesome things.

"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It's as simple as that."

So, round 1 12WBT 2011 is DONE!! I had a rocky start to the year and am still finding my feet with the whole concept of maintaining the weight. I have been keeping within my 2kg range that I set for myself which
is AWESOME!! WOO HOO!! It has not been without difficulty though -- and I have learnt many things about myself along the way!! Perhaps I will blog about that later! LOL

But for now, GOALS!!
I love goals. I love looking back at what I wanted to achieve and realising that I have come forward and am well on the way to achieving what I want to achieve exercise wise..
I was just thinking yesterday about the fact that I was getting bored with what I was doing with the weights and feeling discouraged because I was not moving forward (well - as quick as I obviously wanted to!!)... I feel like I have been stuck on 2.5 chinups FOREVER!! I decided to pull out the goals I wrote at the beginning of round one in feb (3 months ago)!! Then I realised - I am ACTUALLY moving forwards!! It may be creeping inch my inch but YAY!! That's why I love goals -- Soooo very encouraging and motivating!!

In the last 3 months I have:
- maintained my weight between 58-60kg
- added 5.5 km onto my regular run. (to make my regular run 15.5km)
- gone up 5kg on my bench press (to make it a 37.5kg bar)
- gone up 10kg on my lat pulldown and 9kg on my seated row (to make 55kg and 45kg)
- able to run at 17km p hour for 45sec and 16km p hour for at least a minute
- achieved 500m sprints on the rower in 2min
- run a whole round of the fitness freaks rolling interval program (have to admit to being a little sickly after this though!! LOL)
- able to do 2 proper non-swinging dead lift chin ups (very very almost 3 this morning)

So, you can see why I am encouraged!! WOO HOO!! Bring on the next 3 months I say!! LOL

Goals are great! They can help you establish priorities and concentrate your time and effort on things which are going to matter to you. People who set goals achieve awesome results because they focus their time, energy, and resources on a single objective. They let people to track their progress and become more confident in themselves and more motivated to achieve their plans.

So for the next 3 months I have on the agenda!

17.5kg dumbbell chest press 3 sets of 10reps
4 unassisted chin-ups
Half marathon in July (Run Melb) in 2 hrs 10min
Able to run 30km straight in 3 hours by end of August
To get 500m on the rower in LESS than 2min

Have tried 12 new recipes from 12WBT by the end of August
Start eating 110g protein per day and fuelling up on carbs properly without putting on weight
Maintain weight between 58-60kg
Drop body fat % below 20%

"If you want to achieve anything significant, it is likely that you will struggle and fail many times before you finally reach your target. High achievers keep picking themselves up after each fall and continue working steadily toward their targets until they finally reach their goal. Struggle and failure are often part of the price you have to pay for high achievement."

I am EXCITED!! Bring it on I say!! WOO HOO!! LOL! LOL!

12WBT workout Round 1 2011

The workout with Mish was in Melbourne this year... It was said to be the workout to end all workouts!! It even made the news!! I was all set, registered and excited to do the Advanced workout when someone came and asked me to be a trainer for the beginner running group!! Talk about excitement!! (First, I was disappointed to not be killing myself in the advanced section -- but after I got over that... lol) EXCITED!!

It was the most AWESOME thing ever!! Running around, motivating people to keep going when they are DEAD... pushing them to get down and do that one last burpee or moutain climber!! SUCH an exciting enjoyable FUN experience!! I loved every minute of it... and I can not WAIT to do it for a job!! I am doing the Les Mills body step course in a few weeks so I can be a step instructor... BRING IT ON!!  Sooo much fun.... The mud really added to the funness of the whole thing to!! It was ok for me -- being able to do push ups and hovers on my toes... But for the poor beginners who were on their knees in the slop -- Bahahaha!!! I think they secretly loved it though.. LOL

It was a great experience to have to think on my feet too -- I didn't really have time to think about what was happening. I got told the general gist of what was going on but there were many times we had to throw other things in and mix it up a bit more, or change things...

AWESOME FUN!! So excited to have had the experience.