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Monday, May 23, 2011

Goals are awesome things.

"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It's as simple as that."

So, round 1 12WBT 2011 is DONE!! I had a rocky start to the year and am still finding my feet with the whole concept of maintaining the weight. I have been keeping within my 2kg range that I set for myself which
is AWESOME!! WOO HOO!! It has not been without difficulty though -- and I have learnt many things about myself along the way!! Perhaps I will blog about that later! LOL

But for now, GOALS!!
I love goals. I love looking back at what I wanted to achieve and realising that I have come forward and am well on the way to achieving what I want to achieve exercise wise..
I was just thinking yesterday about the fact that I was getting bored with what I was doing with the weights and feeling discouraged because I was not moving forward (well - as quick as I obviously wanted to!!)... I feel like I have been stuck on 2.5 chinups FOREVER!! I decided to pull out the goals I wrote at the beginning of round one in feb (3 months ago)!! Then I realised - I am ACTUALLY moving forwards!! It may be creeping inch my inch but YAY!! That's why I love goals -- Soooo very encouraging and motivating!!

In the last 3 months I have:
- maintained my weight between 58-60kg
- added 5.5 km onto my regular run. (to make my regular run 15.5km)
- gone up 5kg on my bench press (to make it a 37.5kg bar)
- gone up 10kg on my lat pulldown and 9kg on my seated row (to make 55kg and 45kg)
- able to run at 17km p hour for 45sec and 16km p hour for at least a minute
- achieved 500m sprints on the rower in 2min
- run a whole round of the fitness freaks rolling interval program (have to admit to being a little sickly after this though!! LOL)
- able to do 2 proper non-swinging dead lift chin ups (very very almost 3 this morning)

So, you can see why I am encouraged!! WOO HOO!! Bring on the next 3 months I say!! LOL

Goals are great! They can help you establish priorities and concentrate your time and effort on things which are going to matter to you. People who set goals achieve awesome results because they focus their time, energy, and resources on a single objective. They let people to track their progress and become more confident in themselves and more motivated to achieve their plans.

So for the next 3 months I have on the agenda!

17.5kg dumbbell chest press 3 sets of 10reps
4 unassisted chin-ups
Half marathon in July (Run Melb) in 2 hrs 10min
Able to run 30km straight in 3 hours by end of August
To get 500m on the rower in LESS than 2min

Have tried 12 new recipes from 12WBT by the end of August
Start eating 110g protein per day and fuelling up on carbs properly without putting on weight
Maintain weight between 58-60kg
Drop body fat % below 20%

"If you want to achieve anything significant, it is likely that you will struggle and fail many times before you finally reach your target. High achievers keep picking themselves up after each fall and continue working steadily toward their targets until they finally reach their goal. Struggle and failure are often part of the price you have to pay for high achievement."

I am EXCITED!! Bring it on I say!! WOO HOO!! LOL! LOL!


  1. M-A-C-H-I-N-E !!!!

    Love you much Muscles!! Your fitness makes me wanna work harder just so I can be like you one day!!! (true dat!)

  2. Huge goals mate - but why is your half marathon time 2.15? Why not two ten - surely. Love your work, mate! (says she who reckons she can go you on he bench presses - will have to see one day)