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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok... so this may be a little over
the top.. LOL

Assessments... Exams... Tests.. ... ... .. Suffering... Torment... Anxiety...  Perhaps I should just be put out of my misery NOW!! I hate exams with a passion that could probably set fire to metal. (That's a lot of passion!!)

Here I am with 3 university degrees under my belt and I am being tormented by a TAFE course. Surely, if one can pass 3 various university degrees, one can also breeze through a TAFE course. You would think so... However, there is a flaw to this thinking!! One tiny little spanner in the works... In one word - EXAM.

Do you know HOW I chose my subjects for my university courses?? Well, where ever possible I picked out the subjects which had solely WRITTEN assessments... Those ones where you could take your time, fluff around, write many many drafts, and get someone else to check it over before you hand the final thing in. I ended up studying gerontology because of this strategy...  Yep - THAT'S how I got my university degrees. Of course, there were some exams I just couldn't get around... most I passed... some I failed miserably (32% in Japanese) and some I just scrapped through (48% Anatomy/Physiology-passed sitting a sup).

Just hearing the word oral assessment/exam has my stomach twisting and my blood pressure sky rocketing. But what has to be done - has to be done... So SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!!

One down - Two to go! Yep - Managed to pass the thing. WOO HOO!! Not without some SERIOUS blonde moments though!!
I was off to an awesome start when (having previously been given the health assessment) I asked for a copy of the health assessment to fill in. Oh yeah... I was serious too... Hahahaha!!! Then as I do in my job I asked the client to fill in their details at the top of the form -- to which I was told - Nope: you are to do it!!... LOL! Like I said, AWESOME start... By now I was dripping some serious sweat!! Bahaha!! Managed to get through the next little bit ok... Got some ok scores on the bike test and the sit and reach test (YAY!)
Wrote my nutrition and program up for the guy I had and it was off to the gym to do some more testing.... This went mostly ok -- apart from a couple more MAJOR blonde moments!!

So, in the tricep overhead extension what is the action happening at the elbow... Hmmm - let me think about that for a minute because I am not quite sure.... Seriously?? Oh, and what muscle is used here... Hmmm... just need to think about that one too... OMGosh.... Sadly, yes... I WAS serious!! Hahaha!!

I am used to working with girls... ok?? I work in a girly gym.... I have taken female clients through their programs ... I hang around with females at TAFE... Give me the GIRLS I tell you!! *sigh* (smacks forehead with palm)
So, it comes to the demonstration of the dumbbell chest press. I go through how the feet can be flat on the floor if your back does not arch up off the bench -- otherwise, as I do you can put your feet on the bench... So you start with your arms up above your chest and bring them down to your .... to your... umm.... your... (looking really dumb right about now and eventually get out) middle of the chest!! Then you push them back up again. Bahahahaha!!   I seriously could not get the word out... NIPPLES... There I said it... NIPPLES!! There I said it again.... How about a third time - NIPPLES!!! *sigh*... Give me the girls I tell you. I just can not tell a guy that I bring the bar/dumbbells down to my nipples. LOL. I could probably tell him to bring it down to his nipples if he was doing it wrong -- but when it's about MY nipples?? That's different!! Then again... perhaps I am just special and other people don't mind talking about their nipples.

 Anyways... very glad to be onto the second round! One down - Two to go! (Perhaps I need to start psyching myself up to be talking about my nipples now... LOL) *sigh* (smacks head again)..

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