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Sunday, May 29, 2011

12WBT Party. Round 1 2011

I was just looking at the photos of the 12WBT party which was a couple of weeks ago now... It was *such* an awesome night I just HAD to blog about it!!

Another 2 people who
I could not have made
this journey without!

You would think that having the party in melbourne would make it easier to organise and get too... but no.. nothing is that simple!! LOL... After many plans falling through it was finally settled that I would just stay the night in the city with my awesome friend Mel. Being that we decided at the last minute to go this way -- we had to get a room with one bed... I did wonder how this would go after a couple of drinkies -- was hoping I wouldn't wake snuggled up to her or anything. But it was all good - I managed to stay on my own side!! (Well, that's where I woke up anyways). Haha..

Gotta love hair shots!! LOL

Managed to get a hair appointment in the hotel we were staying at - The Blow Dry Bar.. Interesting name huh.. lol. Anyways, most hairdressers serve you coffee or tea while you get your hair done -- this one it was champagne!! WOO!  Despite the fact that I am not really a champagne girl I downed what they gave me, not really thinking about the fact that I had not had lunch (it was almost 4pm) and had been running around all morning at Mish's training event!! BAHAHAHA!!! Let's just say the lift ride back to the room was interesting. I think when I tripped up the shower step they decided they needed to do my makeup and nails for me.... lol... Anyways, after some coffee and some subway the world was staying still again.. Haha..

I LOVE my ladybugs... MWAH!!

The party was awesome!! I caught up with some amazing people... some for the first time, and some who I had not seen in a long time!! I got a little emotional when I met Amy... She has been there since the beginning of my weight loss -- supporting me -- but I had not met her before!! *snif* Love ya Aim!! Was sooo great to spend some time with you that weekend! All these women to the right, I really could not have done this whole journey without... They really have been my rock. . Pulling me up and kicking me up the bum to get me going again when I despair.

It was a little on the crowded side and slightly difficult to move -- but fun anyways. Was great to be able to take a couple of friends to meet everyone too!! And of course, an open bar ALWAYS is going to make for a fun (and funny) night! LOL

I met the BIO-AGE guy off the biggest looser TV show. He was nice -- gave me a photo and all. Haha! Mel was hilarious!! "Your the bio-age guy! The one with the sexy voice!!"  Bahahaha!!! Well, he was much better than the next guy who tried to lap dance her -- now THAT was a sight I wish to forget! eewww.. LOL

Oh -- and EXCITEMENT!! I won a door prize !! A $500 photo shoot with starshots!! YAY!! Make over and photo shoot... now THAT will be fun! LOL...

An awesome night, with some awesome people. And, as per usual -- I couldn't pass up a photo opportunity with Mish.

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