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Friday, June 3, 2011

Beginning some Crossfit.

One thing I absolutely LOVE to do is mix things up... I love having a routine -- but I also really enjoy changing things up a bit. Something I have been wanting to do for the last 6 months are KIPPING CHINUPS!! LOL

Now that I can do a couple of proper dead lift ones - I thought it was time to give it a go. So I got the number off a friend for a crossfit PT and took myself along to see what it was all about. Something I love about crossfit is the intensity and plyometric stuff... It really is right where I am at!! All about power, strength and still quite cardio based. AWESOME!! Funny enough, it was also all those things which had me crapping myself.. Bahaha!! All those things really do add up to HARD work - and hard work scares me.. LOL
I gotta tell you though... I have been learning a bunch of stuff the last few weeks and done a few cool things.. (well, I think they are cool anyway.. LOL) Some of them are below:

Kipping pullups.
I can almost do these suckers!! Sooo close -- I can feel it!! LOL. Need to get myself a band to practice with!!

Box jumps.
I jumped up on a 24inch box yesterday!! 24 INCH!! That's about 61cm people!! Bahahaha!! I got up on it and then jumped off funny and landed straight on my BUTT... LOL.. I haven't checked yet - but I am SURE there will be bruises!! I was joking about all the places I end up with bruises, commenting about the fact that my husband is gonna start to wonder things soon.. I dropped the 17.5kg dumbbell on my %^$# when I was doing a dumbbell chest press a while ago. Do not ask me HOW I managed to drop it all the way down there - because this is ME we are talking about!!

Medicine ball throws.
Speaking of co-ordination... I had to do a squat and ball throw -- all the way up to a mark that was on the wall. The ball weighed 6kg and the mark was so far up I could hardly SEE it! Haha.. I had to do a little jump to get the stupid ball all the way up there. Now, those that know me KNOW that this story is not gonna end well. Yep, I smacked myself in the nose with the ball, and just managed to catch it before it hit the ground many times.. Haha.. The PT made a comment about getting me a softer ball next time.. Ummm --- yeah.. good idea!! LOL

Handstand pushups.
Now these I had not heard of before... so when she said to me, "Your homework for this week is to practise standing on your head..." I was a little freaked out. Knowing that if my arms do not support my body weight I was going to break my neck had me a little nervous. As it would. LOL
I had a few pathetic attempts for my "homework" which people laughed at... but when I went back yesterday I was determined to give it a go even if I did break my neck!! Haha.. And I did it!! Stood in my head for 2 lots of 30sec!! Arms were threatening to give out towards the end of the second one -- but I gave them a stern talking to and told them I liked my neck... and they held me up!! WOO!! (PHEW).

Can't wait till I can kip properly -- that will be a long awaited dream and goal come true!! That will be video material for sure!! Can't wait!

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