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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Body Step Weekend - a positive spin.

Ok, so now I have had a couple of days to recover - I am able to look back and laugh at a few things! The last post was a little on the dark side (for one of my posts!) LOL.. So, I thought I'd share a couple of funny moments!!

The case of the never ending Burpee
We had a step challenge on the second day. 4 stations - 1 min at each one. 3 times around with speed step in between. The most intense moves from the release were chosen and put at each station. There were moonwalk/shuffles, burpees, pushup/mountain climbers, knee lift jumps, box jumps holding a 5kg plate, turn steps, over the tops, and jump squats on the step!! Each 4 min we stopped and did a speed step thing for 2 minutes. (1 min high knees). SERIOUSLY INSANE!! Especially since, when she stopped to correct someone's technique she stopped timing!!! Hahaha!! I got stuck doing burpees FOREVER.. OMGosh! FOREVER I tell you!! Whoever that was who could not get the technique right - I WILL KILL YOU!!! LOL.

4 min of push ups on the toes interspersed with mountain climbers... Actually, it was longer than 4 min because I got stuck on that too while someone's technique got corrected!! I was seriously face down in someone else's sweat too which was grossing me out -- haha!! I dropped to my knees for just a second - and what do you know - she SEES ME!!! Typical! She comes over and is on my back to "harden up" and "how much do I want this" ... blah blah blah... If I wasn't almost DEAD - I would have killed HER!! LOL.  But instead, it was easier to get back on the toes and keep push up-ing.
Jumping music.
When we presented our tracks for the first time, we were kicked out of the group exercise room and into the creche room... so we had a dodgy CD player which kept skipping... Soooo funny - she took a video of us teaching the track... BAHAHAH!!! The CD player skipped a whole line in my track which meant I ended up totally on the wrong side on the step - - it was hilarious to watch on the video!! Not so funny at the time but funny now! LOL!

Lead with the girls.
I know I have bad posture - I am working on it with doing lots of back weight training and stretching the pecs.... So much of the Les Mills stuff is all about good posture though -- so apparently I need to practice leading with the girls!! Chest up, shoulders back and down! LOL! Lead with the girls!! I can practice that! (Hope it does not get me into any trouble!) Haha..

I was working in sales on monday night and they had a step class on. Just hearing the music had me mentally cringing! Then when I had to tour someone and I SAW the step class -- I seriously cringed - My claves actually twinged!!
I can only just tolerate hearing the music and thinking about the step now... Haha! Perhaps in a couple of days I will get back on one. LOL!
Anyway, so while is was one of the hardest things I have ever done -- Call me insane, because I *did* enjoy it... in some kind of mentally bizaar way.. lol.

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