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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


By figuring out what triggers our eating, we can start to use more appropriate techniques to manage it! Some triggers include:

1. Social.
Eating is SUCH a social thing!! How much of our catching up with people revolves around food!! Going out for a meal, having people over, meeting up for coffee, going to a party...
Plan in advance where you are going - look at what is on the menu in advance so you can have some idea of the healthy options!! Eat something healthy BEFORE you go to a party so you are not starving when you get there! Take something healthy to eat when you meet someone for coffee and eat that while you catch up!

2. Emotional.
75% of overeating is caused by emotions. We eat when we are bored... we eat when we are stressed.... we eat when we are tired... we eat when we are angry... we eat when we are anxious... we eat when we are depressed... You Get The Picture!!! LOL
Do something else instead of eat!!! Sounds easier than it is -- but it IS possable! LOL! Do something with your hands that takes some thought! Go out for a walk! Call up a friend! The wave of "hunger" (that is not really hunger) will pass!

3. Situational.
We often associate eating with certain activities... It could be watching T.V, going to a particular sporting event or even when we have a coffee we eat a biscuit!
Recognise these times and plan to do something differently - than you will just need to excerise a little willpower and follow it through! Either that - or change what you do and do something differently!

4. Physiological.
Skipping meals can lead to excessive hunger so we end up eating anything and everything in sight!! LOL. People also eat to cure headaches and other pains too. (I know chocolate helps my headaches!! lol)
Eat regularly enough that you do NOT get so starving you eat everything you can get your hands on... LOL.. Learn other ways to relax and buy some panadol for your headaches! Haha!

Binge eating is also called compulsive overeating. People with this sort of food addicition use food as a way of gaining a temporary release from stress through an addictive high -- because their is an abnormality of endorphin metabolism in the brain! For the compulsive overeater, eating all the food triggers a release of serotonin; which is why abstinence from the food causes them withdrawal symptoms!! There may actually be higher levels of depression and anxiety due to the decreased levels of serotonin. I read an awesome quote recently - "when you are addicted to drugs you put the tiger in the cage to recover; when you are addicted to food you put the tiger in the cage, but take it out three times a day for a walk."
Eating disorders often stem from emotional struggles that should be resolved in order for the sufferer to not fall back into old habits.

Tips for emotional eaters:
1. Be aware of your feelings. Know when you want to eat because you feel crap.
2. Distract yourself from eating. Do something that keeps your hands busy!
3. Find an emotional eating buddy. Use them when you feel like eating! Call them up for support!


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