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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exam #2. Labile Blood pressure.

I have been told before that I have Labile Blood Pressure. I was pregnant and as you do when you are pregnant -- I was feeling a little emotional and upset about something..  (a little precious.. lol)! I went in for my check up - I had a headache and was feeling lousy but apart from that, nothing unusual. Sat down, had them take my blood pressure ... 180/110. Bahaha!! Let's just say, I have NEVER seen people move that fast! I was on my back on a bed with needles hanging out me and being wheeled up to the birthing suite before I could count to 10!! Once I got there though, they took it again and it was 130/70. BAHAHA!!! Labile Blood Pressure.

Labile meaning "ever-changing" and in labile hypertension, blood pressure fluctuates far more than usual. Your blood pressure might soar from 119/76 mm Hg at 10 a.m. to 170/104 mm Hg at 4 p.m. These fluctuations can spring from a variety of sources, such as too much caffeine, anxiety attacks, or stress overload. Traditional blood pressure treatments often have little effect, while anti anxiety treatments including anxiety management may be helpful for controlling and keeping an ideal blood pressure.

Needless to say... as I mentioned in my previous post - Exams have me STRESSED!! Add to that the fact that I can NEVER get the right reading when it comes to the stupid blood pressure machine. And no people, it is NOT just a push the button one - I think even I could manage that!! It's one of those ones like the doctors use - with the stethoscope and sphygmomanometer (dare you to say that 5 times fast!). I could not even get it right during the PRACTICE - not a single chance in the exam! Haha..

At least I know everyone is
trained in CPR now - we did
First Aid a couple of weeks ago!

So, I have labile blood pressure (which I know) and I am stressed! I KNOW I am going to LOOK like I need to be taken to hospital, on my back on a bed, with needles hanging out of me. Been there - Done that! And I KNOW I am going to get told to go see a doctor and take it seriously... Been there - Done that!! And guess what! Surprise - Surprise... It was 120/80 at the doctors. Perfect! Perhaps I should take the doctor to TAFE with me!! Haha..  hmmm... Now that might just WORK! Because as expected : for the exam 145/110 !! WOO - go me. I was actually impressed -- thought it may have been at LEAST 160/110 !! Of course, I'd like to think that it was my awesome powers of relaxation and distraction which had the top number down a little... LOL..   

Anyways, now after the latest "you need to take this seriously" looks... I am stressed about having a heart attack... and will probably go back to the doctors; who will reassure me I am not going to have a heart attack... until next time we do blood pressures at TAFE... when I will get stressed again... and go back to the doctors again... etc.. etc... etc... LOL!!

Really I think the moral of THIS story is -- STOP TAKING BLOOD PRESSURE AT TAFE!!!

Would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has this kind of blood pressure!! Feel free to message me!!

C'mon... I am not this bad! lol

Now, it really wouldn't be my exam without the blond moments.. nor my blog without sharing those blond moments...  Hehehe..

Teacher : So, when you are doing the shoulder press, what is the scapula doing...
Me: Umm, Going up??
Teacher: Yeah, which is??
Me: Umm, Opposite to depression??
Teacher: Yeah, which is??
Me: Hmmm... Give up - don't know! lol

And, I am SO not this bad!

Teacher: That would be ELEVATION...
(Yep, I knew that.. NOT!)

Doing the hip flexor stretch...
Teacher: So, what are we stretching here??
Me: Hip flexors!!
Teacher: Yeah, what muscle are we stretching??
Teacher: Umm... the muscle??
Me: Hmm.. Hip flexors?? ?? Don't know!! lol
Teacher: Rectus Femorus (big quad muscle)
Me: Seriously?? Never heard that before!! (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!!)

Despite all that, I managed to pass.. .. Onwards we go. 2 out of 3 down. 1 to go!! YAY! Loving my Fitness Course! (And I didn't have to talk about my nipples in this exam either!!) Haha..

Labile BP references.

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