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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Body Step Weekend.

Absolutely shattered... In every conceivable way! I would have to say I have just experienced the most HARDEST weekend in my entire life. (And I have had some pretty hard ones!)

Physically: I spent around 10 hours on a step jumping away this weekend, and I burnt around 5000 calories on it. I did this with a TOTAL of 9 hours sleep. Not to mention the other 15 hours of theory/observing that I did. Or the drive to the place which was an hour away each day!!

Mentally: I was THAT exhausted that I was weaving backwards and forwards while I was standing still. But, I had to pull something from somewhere and keep on jumping, burpee-ing and pushup-ing!! I have done 8 hour boot camps before - this was harder than THOSE! It took pretty much everything I had.

Emotionally: I was tempted to give up after the first day, but gritted my teeth and pushed on with it. I was so freaked out and overwhelmed -- I actually cried after the first day!! But, I got back up and kept on getting back up and I did not give up! I was determined to give it everything. But, I still have to go back another day and present my track again which has me pretty gutted...

I need to work on my posture (chest up / shoulders back and down!) and practice my technique on a few moves -- I am too bouncy!! LOL. I love to jump -- unfortunately my track is not a bouncy one! NO BOUNCING!! I know the choreography (can do it fine by myself lol) but I got messed up a couple of times telling people how to do it, what to do and when to do-- it was another thing going in the hardest things I have done basket -- especially when I get the song and choreography on the Saturday and have to teach on the Sunday!! It was all too much for me! LOL.. But I did not give up and I did pretty much EVERYTHING I could; my absolute best -- I could not have done ANY more!! So, I am happy with that. I just need to go another day and present my track again. I actually have it to practice now so I will be fine next time around. LOL!!

I was THAT exhausted I fell off the step and twisted my ankle ... but sucked it up and jumped on it for another few hours.. Now, IT HURTS!! It is on the opposite side to my knee which I screwed running the other day.. And, I landed on my coxicx again - which still was sore from when I fell of the 24inch box!! Hahaha!! I feel like a disaster zone!!

Well, THAT is going down as one of THE most memorable experiences of my life. I don't think I have EVER pushed myself the way I did this weekend. Seriously, the hardest weekend of my entire life... In every way. BUT, I will be prepared for next time!! (And THAT I like!)

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  1. You did amazingly chicky. Bodystep weekend would have to be one of my most demanding weekends ever. You're only better, stronger and more resilient for it! I admire your persistence and passion and am so proud of you.