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Monday, May 23, 2011

12WBT workout Round 1 2011

The workout with Mish was in Melbourne this year... It was said to be the workout to end all workouts!! It even made the news!! I was all set, registered and excited to do the Advanced workout when someone came and asked me to be a trainer for the beginner running group!! Talk about excitement!! (First, I was disappointed to not be killing myself in the advanced section -- but after I got over that... lol) EXCITED!!

It was the most AWESOME thing ever!! Running around, motivating people to keep going when they are DEAD... pushing them to get down and do that one last burpee or moutain climber!! SUCH an exciting enjoyable FUN experience!! I loved every minute of it... and I can not WAIT to do it for a job!! I am doing the Les Mills body step course in a few weeks so I can be a step instructor... BRING IT ON!!  Sooo much fun.... The mud really added to the funness of the whole thing to!! It was ok for me -- being able to do push ups and hovers on my toes... But for the poor beginners who were on their knees in the slop -- Bahahaha!!! I think they secretly loved it though.. LOL

It was a great experience to have to think on my feet too -- I didn't really have time to think about what was happening. I got told the general gist of what was going on but there were many times we had to throw other things in and mix it up a bit more, or change things...

AWESOME FUN!! So excited to have had the experience.

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