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Friday, April 22, 2011

Run for the kids 2011

This would have to be the most enjoyable fun run I have ever done!!  Unbelievably, I did not find it hard at all!! In fact, I still had energy at the end and was bouncing around thinking I would love to do it again!! LOL...

This was around 14km... I really should have been
looking a little deader!! LOL..

On the flip side to this, I was a little disappointed I didn't push myself enough. I was trying to pace myself and did a little TOO good a job of it!! Hehe... BUT, it's a good learning experience!! I am known for going out to fast and dying early! This time I went out slow and sped up too late!! I will get it right one day!! LOL

1 hour, 30 min and 30 seconds!! LOL... Not my best time for that distance - But like I said... SO enjoyable - could have kept going forever!!

The MOST enjoyable part -- was SO very cool!!

I am looking forward to the half marathon in July!! The aim will be to beat the pace per km for the 21km - and it should be fine to do!! I will push myself earlier ... It was not until the last 4.38km that I pushed the pace a little in this run.
Those last 4 kms I did with a pace of 5.56min p km... The first 10km I did with a pace of 6.28min p km!! Need to speed up earlier!! LOL.

Now, to register for the Run Melbourne Half...
Loved being part of the 12WBT team!!

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