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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dexa scan - Bit sad!

It was time to get another dexa scan done. I got one done at the end of last year but had lost 5kg or so since then. I was curious to know how much of this was fat and how much was muscle. I really dropped off the weights over the Christmas / New year period and I suspected I lost a little muscle. I was hoping it was not too much though!! LOL.

Anyways, so I went along to the place and got the scan done. Turns out I lost 3kg of body fat and now have only 12kg of fat in my body!! The guy told me he has not seen anyone as lean as me in there for a while -- which I really was not sure whether or not to believe him. And then he asked me if I still get my period!! Ummm..... Mate, I REALLY am NOT that skinny!! Hahahaha.... However, that result did place me down well and truly in the athletic range of body fat - which I was happy about. The scale ended with me on the end of it - so I asked the guy what was below that... He said to me 'nothing is below that!' LOL.. I am not to lose anymore body fat apparently!! Hehehe..

On the other hand, I was a bit sad though because I also lost 2kg of muscle!! *sniff*.. Too much cardio will do that!! So, I have been on the hunt to try and find out how to keep my muscle WHILE continuing to run... Looks like the answer is Carbs, Protein, Carbs and Protein... And little else!! So, some days I do better at that than others -- because I do like to eat other foods too!! LOL...  I have changed the way I am training with the weights too. I now do heavier weights for less reps in the hopes that I might build some muscle or at least maintain what I got!! Hehehe...

That dexa scan was a couple of weeks ago now... I will give it a few more weeks with this protein / carbs / heavier weights and go see if it has made a difference (or at least that I have STOPPED losing lean tissue!!)

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