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Saturday, March 5, 2011

JOB at Fernwood and TAFE

I got a job with Fernwood... I got a job with Fernwood!! ***insert very happy bum dance here!!***
So excitement! I got ATP Sales job with Fernwood Ferntree Gully ... I think I am going to really enjoy doing it when I can get into it... It really sounds like my sort of job. Creating contacts and networking with people... Developing relationships with stores in the area to see if we can partner up with them and help each other out with potential customers / clients. I'm excited!! I really do love the Fernwood gyms...
The plan is to do this while I study my Cert 3 in Fitness; and then to move out onto the floor when I finish my Cert 3 in June. When I have my Cert 4 at the end of the year I will be able to go straight into PT'ing on the floor.
So that's the plan - now all I have to do is PASS!! LOL

I got told today that I look like Tarzan but lift weights like Jane! Mind you I was asked to do a 20kg barbell bicep curl - AFTER I had already done weights that morning!! The funny thing about this is that I AM A JANE!!!! LOL    And I don't particularly want to be a Tarzan! Stupid muscles!
The teacher is not a fan of Fernwood. I find it a bit weird though, because having read Dianna Williams book "Smart women do weights," it seems that Fernwood's philosophy is quite weights based. It just does not practically reflect quite how I have understood it to be saying. Making the weight heavier and lowering the reps does not really seem to happen. (Well - not from what I've seen! Perhaps different Fernwoods are different!) I do quite like their philosophy on muscle, overloading the muscle and the importance of growing muscle.
Anyways - perhaps I should give him a copy of that book!! Personally I don't see what the point is in trying to lift massively heavy weights and trying to be a Tarzan - I am happy to be a Jane who can lift ok weights for a Jane.


  1. way to go will be awesome ... FANTASTIC EFFORT

  2. Kel, you know the old saying "Those who can DO and those who can't Teach" ? I reckon your teacher is one of the later. He's probably jealous of your muscle definement anyway.
    I'm so pleased that you've got your foot in the door of the Gym - who knows where you'll go from there! Oh and if the kids in your class can pass the certs. then I'm more than sure you can!
    Way to go Kel!

  3. Thanks cutesize12!!

    Vickie - He seems to know his stuff... He is built like Tarzan himself. One of the guys called him Brodzilla (his name is Brod) the other day!! LOL. So, definately don't think there is any jealousy happening! Hehehe...
    He seems like a good teacher too when it comes to the material... He just seems to have a thing when it comes to women and weights!! We have to move huge weights to gain any sort of respect or something. Not sure - anyway, It's good for me to think about what I want (or don't want) and why etc... It's all good .. LOL