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Monday, February 7, 2011

I am BACK.

Well, I am BACK!! (And I hope I stay that way!! lol)

Got everything planned and organised what we are all eating for the week... It's brought, put away and even chopped up!! WOO! Just needs cooking, which I will do a bit tomorrow... It's good to be back! Hehehe...

Went and caught up with some 12WBT girls for lunch which was great!! Looking forward to doing many more things with them this year... (Including that insane bootcamp which is coming up in a couple of weeks!!)
I gotta say I love my BLC and 12WBT friends!! Some of whom I have not even met yet - but they are SOoo very encouraging!! I love the fact that we all have a common goal and that most of them really understand where you are coming from!! I love the fact that they get excited about healthy recipes which have low calories, and most are enthusiastic and excited about totally getting smashed in an exercise session too!! Where else would you find that?? lol
My gym buddies are awesome for this too!! AND I actually get to see them on a regular basis!! (Although, not as regular as I would have liked this year with my move and gym transfer!!)

A big KISS to all those who have been so encouraging!! MWAH!

Stay tuned for this years goals!! Hmm... What to pick! ?? So many things I want to do!!!

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