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Monday, September 19, 2011

Not giving up!

I have had a hard time the last month with various life dramas and have found myself struggling with my weight. I have tried all the various strategies that I have employed in the past to no avail -- but I will not give up!! I have put on 2.5kg in the last 2.5 months... But it WILL come off again! People laugh at me and tell me that 2.5kg is nothing and they do not understand what I am worried about. Well, what I am worried about it the bad habits BEHIND the sruggles and the weight gain. (As well as just not liking how that 2.5kg seems to have all gone to my stomach! LOL!) I know I am eating too much food and at the wrong times - but I still do it!! Serious emotional eating!! It is actually good that I am struggling with it because it means I have not given up... and it is actaully good that I am having this problem in a way because I can learn and grow and figure out what is going on in my head for it to be such a struggle!!

I will not give up - I will get there! There is no doubt and no possability of letting it got any further up the scale! I have said before that I want to do some more thinking about emotional eating and why people do it...
I know the theory behind the solutions -- ie. distraction, call a friend etc... but they really are bandaid solutions -- I would love to figure out a solution to stop it from happening.. if this is at all possable!

Any thoughts - send me a message. Meanwhile -- onwards I go! (I will no doubt blog about my findings when I figure it out!) LOL!

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