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Thursday, February 2, 2012

B is for BELIEVE.

You will only achieve what you believe!! And this is the absolute truth! When I was training for my half I had someone tell me I was not a runner and I was going to struggle to do the half in the 2hours I wanted to do it in. Initially it knocked me around a little, however, I believed I had a good chance at being able to do it and so I went for it -- and managed to do it in 1:59:19... It got me thinking about this topic though. If I did not believe that I could do this -- of course there is NO chance of me doing it .. NONE! However, if I believed I could do it ... or at least that I had a good chance of doing it, then of course I am going to feel positive about it and put everything into it!! I am HEAPS more likely to succeed with the positive, give it my best shot, I think I can do it attitude!!

If you believe in yourself and your ability to do something it gives you the ability to be consistent, confident, focused and determined. A confident person will keep on going even when things may not be going perfectly, they will stay positive and enthusiastic. If you believe in your ability to succeed, then you are preparing yourself for success and at the same time bracing yourself for any obstacles. Obstacles with this frame of mind however, will be things to work around or just mow clean over!! LOL!!
Belief in yourself enables you to be courageous and do things you would not normally do.  Being courageous is not being fearless; you still may feel afraid but you act as if you are not. You will suck it up do what you need to do in order to get done what has to get done.

Goal setting is a great way to improve your confidence and belief in yourself!! Success (however big or small) is going to build your self confidence -- so set goals and get onto achieving them!! Visualising yourself doing things -- crossing that finish line, standing on the scales 5kg lighter etc... That is going to help!!

People who have a high self confidence have the following:

Thoughts - positive thoughts of success
Feelings - excited, anticipation, calm, elation, prepared
Focus - on self, on the task
Behaviour - give maximum effort and commitment, willing to take chances, positive reaction to set backs, open to learning, take responsibility for outcomes

However, people with a low self confidence end up with the following:

Thoughts - negative, defeat or failure, doubt
Feelings - tense, dread, fear. not wanting to take part
Focus - on others, on less relevant factors (coach, umpire, conditions)
Behaviour - lack of effort, likely to give up, unwilling to take risks (rather play safe), blame others or conditions for outcome

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