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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Worst run ever. City2Bay

Half asleep still before the
run started!
Well, that run is going down as one of the worst runs ever!

I had a stitch for pretty much most of the 10km's. The pain got that bad I was worried I was going to vomit so I had to walk for a minute. My stomach took ages to recover - it was still sore that evening when I was going to bed!! Usually if I feel a hint of a stitch I can concentrate on breathing properly and it goes away - but this one just hung around and was REALLY annoying!!

The last 5km there was a serious headwind so that every time my feet lifted off the ground I was blown backwards! A guy in front of me spat and some of his spit blew back onto my arm!! EEWWWW!!!How disgusting is THAT! (But that's how strong it was!!)

All done... Ouch, my poor
tummy will never
be the same!

I have never had to walk during a fun run before so even though my time was 56:54 (which is not too bad) I am still a little disappointed!! I was hoping for 55min and I SO would have made it if it were not for the stitch and the wind I reckon!! Major Bummer!! I was keeping an eye on my time to see if I was going to make it... I did the first 5km in about 26:30 or something like that... So, I WOULD HAVE MADE IT!!! :-( Oh well, next time!! lol.

The other thing which I don't know if it contributed to the problem, was THERE WAS NO WARM-UP!! It said in the information that there was supposed to be one at 8:20am... but if there was one it was not anywhere near me!! lol! I ALWAYS warm-up before a run!!

Spoke to the girl in green for a while before it started. She was really nice, it was her first fun run and she was hoping for 52min. She had a band around her wrist with all the different minutes for each km she needed to do. She would have done it too - she was off like a rocket! I kept her in my sights for maybe the first km. After that she was GONE!! Lol!

Just looked her up (realised I had her bib number) hhehehe.... 48min!!! For her first official run!! WOW!! Good on her!!

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