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Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming Update.

Doh! Sorry it is the wrong way!! Turn your computer screens on their sides!! Haha!

Well, 3 weeks into lessons and I can not only move forwards in the water -- but I can do something which resembles freestyle!!! WOO!! How good am I!! Haha!! Well, all you swimmers out there may watch the video and have 1001 things for me to change -- but all in good time people!! I have a triathalon which I am going to aim to do in January. That gives me 5 months to fix up the freestyle.. ie. streamline my stroke, breath better (without choking), kick better and learn how to turn. Then I need to learn how to ride a bike and figure out the best way to get from one to the other in a race!! What do you think?? PIECE OF CAKE!!! (Well, that's what I am telling myself anyway!! LOL!)

So many things to remember when it comes to swimming!! OMGosh! Kick from the hips, keep the head tilted down (otherwise the bubbles go up your nose - NOT good), bend your arms and reach forward with your strokes -- your thumbs point down to go into the water and then turn when in the water, your hands need to enter the water in the same midline spot (streamline). When you lift your head to the side be careful the shoulder does not drop too much on the other side... and keep your chin down still - do not lift it forwards or water goes up your nose when you put your head back in the water... And then -- DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!!  BAHAHAHahahah!!! Oh yeah -- I am GOOD!! Oh -- And try and swim in a STRAIGHT line!! (unless dodging people who are in your way).

Happy with being able to look like I can do something which resembles freestyle after 3 weeks of lessons!! Who knows what another 3 weeks may bring!! BRING IT ON!!

PS. Chloe is the awesomist, most patient teacher ever -- even when she does threaten to smack my head with the noodle if I tilt it up!! Hahaha!! Big KISS for her!! MWAH!

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in day out" ~ Robert Collier

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