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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swimming efforts!

Who would have thought swimming would actually be HARD!! Haha!! Swimming looks so effortless... people just glide through the water... Kick your legs and little and wave your arms back and forwards -- what's so difficult about that!!! It's that exercise you do to rest from the "hard" exercise. The "low impact" "easy" option for when you have been doing too much high impact stuff. It's that exercise that bigger people do because they can't do the more strenuous stuff (and I can say that because I WAS the bigger person!!) LOL!

Bahahaha!!! Well, how wrong was I!! I have certainly been taught a thing or two.. I knew I was not a great swimmer -- and all I can say is -- I really had ZERO idea how bad I actually am!! Got in the water with my awesome swim teacher friend, who asks me what I CAN do. "Not much!" I reply... "Can you float?" she asks me... "YES!!! I can float!!" I say (very proud).. "Show me!" she says...
So I lay down on my back, spread my arms out and relax... and SINK!! Yep, my butt sinks down and down and drags my entire body under the water -- which I inhale (of course!) and come up very humbled and coughing and spluttering... Haha! "Well, I THOUGHT I could float" Hahaha!!
How does one learn to FLOAT?? Isn't that just some innate thing which you just can DO?? I have always been able to float!! How can one FORGET how to float!! LOL!

So, after a little while of trying to float. We move on to the kickboard... She shows me what to do... Seems pretty basic. Hold the board - kick your legs from the hips. No problem! Except that when SHE did it - she moved FORWARDS!! And when I did it - I went NOWHERE!! Bahahaha!!! Umm... Am I supposed to have some forward movement here?? Kicking the legs... check. Holding the board... check. Something is WRONG here!! LOL!
After much trial and error -- I think I figured out that because my butt sinks, my legs and kicking too wide (as in up and down wide)... because I need to kick them near the surface of the water!! Phew! Talk about difficult! So -- next time -- butt needs to stay up! Then the legs will stay up! Haha!!! Have I mentioned swimming should be EASY???!!!!!
So, I also did some running in the water which was good.. Forwards, Backwards, Sideways... otherways... Now : THAT I could do!!

Interesting experience this swimming business.. Eye opening in a good way!! Hard work and I am not sure how I will learn -- BUT I am excited about the challenge. After this, all I need to do is learn how to ride a bike and I will be ready for the TRIATHALON! YAY! LOL!

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  1. Hello. I was searcheing the Internet for pictures of "the Mind" and found a picture you used in a previous entry which of course led me to this blog. Your post was from November 25, so I'm glad you've kept this up. I am glad that you are keeping up with your dreams and goals and sharing and teaching others with this blog. Best of continued success! Ter Scott!