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Monday, November 15, 2010

8.5km fun run.

Before the run

I did the 'spring into shape' fun run on the weekend and I am feeling a little overwhelmed at my time. Seems to be a theme lately with me feeling blown away, overwhelmed and freaked out by the various numbers I seem to be pulling. Anyway - that's a thought for another day!! LOL.

It was perfect weather for the run. The 2 practice runs I did over 8km were both warm days which made it REALLY hard... so I was a little stressed about my ability to run it all!! But, as seems to be the pattern I totally smashed any of my previous numbers!!

I ran the 8.5km in about 53min. The official time was 53:53, but I found out this is taken from the time the gun goes!! DOH! If I had have know that I would have pushed my way further up to the front!! LOL!

Just over 4km into the run.
Still looks like I have some
energy to burn!! LOL

In the results it has your time for 4km (which was about 25min) and 8km (which was 49:45)... So, my pace was about 6:13min p km... so about 53min for the 8.5km.

It was good to look at the splits too in terms of my pace... I was consistent from the first half to the second half which I like - not sure if that is the way you are supposed to do it - but it sounds good to me!! Means I didn't go out too fast!! LOL!

Anyway, 6:13 min per kilometre??
!! I can't believe that... that is seriously insane!! Absolutely a personal best in terms of the pace for any of my runs!! (Apart from those 1km sprints I have to do).

Just over 8km into the run. Yep - Am tired now!!
Just about to sprint to the finish line!!

Really felt for a girl who was running in front of me. She kept pulling over to the side and using her asthma puffer.. I was worried about this happening to me but I was fine - but I really felt sorry for her. She would stop and use her puffer then keep running and pass me again... then stop and need her puffer again. I was getting a little worried about her and I kind of slowed down at one stage and asked her if she was going to be ok. She gave me the thumbs up so I kept going but I did wonder if I should be getting someone to go rescue her.

There was this other really annoying lady who was running in front of me for ages. She was going slightly too slow, but whenever I would try and pass her she would speed up so I would just fall in behind her again - but then she would slow down again!!! I reckon this happened at least half a dozen times. I was seriously ready to smack her down - lady, it really is NOT THAT COMPETATIVE!!! Give it up!! Anyway, I over took her on the hill!! Hehehehe...

All fun in the fun run... and I got through it alive!! Big thanks to my friend Jo who came and stopped me from turning around and running home before the race began!! LOL! "I gave up my sun morning sleep in for you Kelly- you are NOT going home!!" Thanks Jo!!

Glad to be finished!

Was stressing about this little shoe thing...
I was worried I wouldn't attach it
properly and it would fling off into the Yarra!!
But Jo did an awesome job attaching it
- this baby is not going anywhere!! LOL


  1. Great, consistent run, Kell! Should I hire myself out as a timing-device tier for events? lol

  2. I reckon there could possably be a market for it!! All us "newbie" runners would be up for it!!