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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What kind of encouragement do you prefer??

Saw this picture somewhere and thought I'd re-post it... PT's are all so different. Hard, Soft, Tough, Nice, Friendly, Professional, Motivating, Fun, Firm... a mixture of some or all of the above...

Personally I think during the actual training sessions I respond better to the "suck it up and get stuck into it" attitude. In the last group training session I did we were doing a circuit thing. On the shoulder press thingies I was doing I was finding it hard and so I started doing single ones instead of double ones. The PT told everyone they had to do an extra 15 sec because I was not doing them right!! BAHAHAHA!!! Everyone told me how dead I was because they were going to kill me!! LOL! I quite like that style of coaching/leading (whatever you want to call it).... it's fun but in a serious kind of way - because you have to pull something from somewhere and perform or other people suffer!! I told the PT she was going to be fired after the session but she just laughed!! LOL! I enjoyed it... (does that make me really sadistic or something??)

There was another exercise where we got into a push-up position and had a weight under our toes. We had to walk with our arms across the floor and our feet pressed into the weight and drag it along.. A couple of the people in the group were finding it difficult. The PT mentioned how happy she was she might have found something to break some of us. Her saying that was enough to get us all to move our butts and finish it off!! You will NEVER break us!! MWAHAHAHAH!!! (And no - if you are reading this - that was NOT a challenge!! LOL!)

I am a believer in that saying "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." If I even entertain the thought that I can't or if I know I can get away with not doing something - then I won't!! Lazy butt me!! I am only motivated to a point - then it's all about not wanting to do it!! Hehehe... I believe 95% of this whole exercise thing is in the mind - I say 95% because there are things which I just physically can't do.. ie. Those silly un-assisted chin-ups I have been trying forever to do. But one day I will be able too!! But most things - if I apply myself and focus and be determined that I am going to do it - I can!

So - during the session the commando style is going to get the most out of my lazy butt...  But, having said that - I also think it's good to have the friendly type!! How much quicker does the session go if you can talk (or gasp) your way through it!! LOL!!
So, a little from column A and a little from column B works for me!!

How about you ?? A little something to think about!! :-)

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