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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fitness Test #3. Starting to Freak myself out!!

Yep - it's time to try and kill myself again and beat my already insane (in my opinion) numbers I got last time. I am actually really starting to freak myself out with the reality that I need to beat my old numbers all the time. Surely it gets to a point where you are doing enough?? Can I really keep on getting faster and stronger?? I really don't like to fail at things so I keep smashing my previous records!!! But surely it has to stop at some point and get to the point where I can't do any better... SURELY!! I just am absolutely gobsmacked AGAIN (and slightly freaked)! LOL!

Call an ambulance!!!

My 1km time trial I did in 4min 37sec (previous time was 5min 03sec). Are you serious?? I did it around a running track outside but when I worked it out... that is like running around 13.5km/p/h on the treadmill - that's a SPRINT!!! Really?? BAHAHAHAHA.....
I did not feel very well when I finished though. I seem to be making a habit of almost giving myself a heart attack during these fitness tests! All that gasping for breath seems to set me off on an asthma attack too!! LOL! I actually had a sore throat for about 20min after the run which I presume was from all my gasping for air!! Hehehehe...  BUT I BET MY TIME!!

Push-ups in 1min. The last 2 times I have done them on my knees and gotten 42 and then 49. This time I was inspired to try it on my toes (Thanks Michelle F S!!) I did 33 on my toes in one minute. Not sure if that is good or not - but will have to try and beat it next time... LOL!

Wall sit for 7 mins.. Yes - that does say SEVEN!!! I was determined to beat my time of 5min from last time, and then when I got to 6min I remembered hearing someone say there was a record at the gym for 7min... so I held on till 7min!!! BAHAHAHA!! WOO! Let's just say that when I collapsed down onto the floor I was curled up in the foetal position for a good min or two! LOL! I really didn't think I could beat my time when I started but I held on and pulled it from somewhere! Now, I just have the problem of having to beat it next time!! OH CRAP!

Ab test. Still on stage 2. LOL! Been stuck on stage 2 since the beginning! I HATE AB'S!! I have to say I am almost on stage 3... but my feet come off the floor a tiny bit when I am doing it - so to be honest I put stage 2. Next time perhaps I can graduate. No promises though because I STILL do hardly ANY ab work. BORING!!
The sit up needs to be done without your feet hooked under anything. When your heels start coming off the floor then you are not up to that level. Your stage is the highest stage you reach while your heels stay on the floor:
Stage 1: Wrists to kneecaps

Stage 2: Arms folded across your chest. Full sit up, Elbows to thighs

Stage 3: Hands linked behind head. Full sit up. Note your elbows must stay wide, don't let then swing close to your head. It's the elbows wide thing which kills me!! Can't quite get up with my elbows wide and my heels still on the floor..

Flexibility test. Last time I got +9 in the sit and reach test. This time I pulled a +11!! I actually did it 3 times and got +11, +10 and +12... So, I think I'll just say +11. LOL! How this is improving I really don't know! What is it that improves a persons flexibility? I didn't expect any change on this because I don't think I've been doing anything to try and improve it.... I'll put that question on the investigate later list..

So I am still advanced in everything except ab's.... I just need to stop freaking myself out about trying to beat my old numbers all the time!! But I seem to be able to - which is even MORE freaky!!


  1. hey there! Congrats on the fitness test! I cant find anywhere to "follow" your blog...

  2. Hi there Seasidechik!!
    Sorry about that - I took that option away.. LOL.. I always post on facebook whenever I write a post!
    Thanks for the congrats!! Appreciate it.