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Monday, November 1, 2010

Apologies to spin class lovers.

Spin is not my most favourite class (ducks for cover)... But I don't think anyone can actually do anything about that fact really - up, down, fast, slow .... that's the problem. It doesn't matter how fun or fantastic the instructor is - that is pretty much the extent of what happens in the class. Up, down, fast, slow - in various combinations of course. Now - if I was able to get off the bike at random intervals to run around the room and do little dances - THAT might make it better!! LOL! (It does burn a lot of calories though - it has THAT going for it!!)
I should also mention I think spin is partly responsible for my sore knees... that probably does not help... .. I will post something about spin and knees next... But for now:
At the risk of losing friends, creating enemies or possibly being banned from the spin class in the gym I have cut and pasted something I found REALLY funny!! BAHAHAHA...

If one more runner on a cross-training bender gushes about how great spin class is, I’m taking hostages. Where is the fun in pedalling a bike missing a wheel for 45 minutes while going absolutely nowhere, while listening to rap remixes of Taylor Swift songs? I don’t get it. Isn’t the point of turning mechanical cranks via human power to actually create forward motion — to go somewhere in life? When the excitement of spin class ends and you return to your car do you just rev the engine for the next hour without leaving the parking lot? Hey, why not — the engine gets a good workout.
It’s interesting to note that I’ve never been asked to attend a treadmill class. Why would I? Who needs some fitness instructor barking orders on how to run on a perfectly balanced treadmill? If you stop moving your feet on a treadmill, you can kill yourself — yet no safety or motivational instructor exists. If you stop peddling your spin class device, I’m pretty sure the crank shaft stops moving. Spin “bikes” look pretty stable and self explanatory.
My couch doesn’t tend to shift around. Do I need a couch coach to keep my heart at the proper aerobic rate while mowing through my Cheetos and channel surfing for “The Shawshank Redemption?”

And the post goes on... feel free to look it up - the link is at the top of the quote.. :-)

I actually can't ride a real bike either. I could when I was a kid though!! (So much for the saying you can never forget how to ride a bike - HUH!!)

I would love to do a triathlon one day - but that would require 2 things I can't do!! Riding a bike and swimming!! I can kind of swim - but not really!! That is next years goal - to learn to do these 2 things and do a triathlon! WOO HOO!! LOL!

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