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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Running speed.

I seem to have developed a running speed. LOL. I have not been running much or for long - probably a couple of months now... but I am noticing that all the runs I do have a similar speed happening!! They vary slightly for different reasons - perhaps it was really sunny and hot or perhaps there were more hills than usual - but they are all quite similar in time which I think is cool!! It means I have developed a "running pace" for myself... I have read a little on increasing running pace but I am not sure I am up to that yet (given I have just figured out I have one LOL!!!).

The runs I have done over the last month or so are below...

5km in 34min = 6:48 (min per kilometre). My first ever 5km fun run!
4km in 26min = 6:30
6km in 40min = 6:40
8.8km in 59min = 6:42
7.3km in 49min = 6:43

I am doing the spring into shape 8.5km run next Sunday. It's good to know that I should be running for less than an hour!! LOL!

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