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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching the mind up to the body.

I am always improving in numbers fitness wise… increasing the distance I run… etc.. But I am just starting to get intimidated and freaked out and think - when is it enough? I know I CAN run 10km but does running 10km instead of 8km really make any difference in the scheme of things? Surely you get to a stage where you do stop improving? I am enjoying what I am doing at the gym and I like to push myself and be challenged - but the end result is me freaking myself out!! I keep on smashing any sort of goal I set for myself - which just blows me away! I have been feeling quite overwhelmed with what my body can do these days. I know it's not all that great compared to some people - but compared to what I have been able to do in the past it's HUGE!! Freakily mind blowingly huge TO ME!!

I just think my head has not caught up to my body yet… My body can do all this cool stuff and my head is like SERIOULSY??
I need to figure out how to catch my head up!… I can decide to do something and then do it (ie. fun runs, lifting certain weights etc) - better than I would ever expect to do it… But it doesn’t help my mind still being stuck in “I’m fat and unfit”, and "Did you just run 8.5km? In that amount of time?? Don't believe it!!" land…

I did get some good advice on how to help catch the mind up which will hopefully work but it makes me laugh!! I need to say a mantra over and over - something like “I am an athlete!”  “I am a runner!”  BAHAHAHA!!! I have done something like this in the past during the early gym days when I was REALLY hating squats and lunges… I read somewhere that instead of thinking about how much you hate squats and lunges… think about all the good things they do for you and then follow it up with “I love squats and lunges”... Used to make me laugh every time at the stupidness of it… BUT my hate has indeed lessoned… LOL!! Wouldn’t say I love the things - but at least I don’t feel such a passionate hatred for them!! LOL!! The mind is a funny thing.

Some of the advice I have gotten to keep my body going till my mind catches up is to keep re-assessing my goals and make new ones. ie. next year I will move on to the triathlons, and I am thinking about a half marathon. Also, change it up to do different things - perhaps do some rock climbing or hiking in there too.

So, as well as convincing myself I am an athlete and runner I need to keep re-assessing my goals and figure out what it is I want to do.... Hope it catches up soon - it would be nice to enjoy what I am able to do these days without getting freaked out about it!!


  1. Thanks Sara! Don't suppose you have any ideas on catching the mind up?? LOL!