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Friday, November 26, 2010

More training ideas...

Side Plank

Push-up / plank idea.
10 push-ups.
20 sec front plank
20 sec side plank
20 sec other side plank
Repeat once or twice without coming down in between anything.

Squat idea.
Do 20 squats. On the last rep:
Squat down and hold the squat for 10sec. Come back up.
Sink straight back down and hold the squat for 9sec. Come back up.
Sink straight back down and hold the squat for 8sec. Come back up.
etc... All the way down to 1sec!!  OOWWW!!

Plank idea.
Everyone lies around in a circle. Everyone holds a plank position and you go around the circle and count out load. (First person says 1, second person says 2 etc) Keep counting until you get to 100!! WOO! It is fun but also challenging.

Circuit idea.
In our group PT session we did a couple of circuits; one of which was particularly fun!! Two words which I think are my new bestest friend (even MORE than burpees!!):
Commando Crawls.
But not just your ordinary everyday commando crawl.... nope - a commando crawl under a bench where only your feet and arms are allowed to touch the ground!! BAHAhahaha!! Very FUN! Hard - but fun. Apart from the carpet burn which one of the group got - that was not fun... LOL!! Note: have a mat under the bench when crawling through.
Not quite sure how she makes this stuff up but the other 3 parts to this particular circuit were things called the "fountain", the "turtle" and the more common "windmill".... (We also had another creation called the Platypus but we will save that for another post!! LOL!) Basically I think she just sits there and thinks about what would be a really hard thing to do... and do continuously for a minute, and then makes it up and calls it something!! Hehehehe...

The Fountain.

Stand on one leg. Squat down and reach forward walking your hands along the ground. When you are in the push-up position (still on one leg) - do a push-up and then walk your hands backwards and stand up (still on that same one leg). Do not touch that second leg on the ground! Repeat from beginning. You may change after 30sec and give the other leg a little work.

The turtle.

Like a snow angel but on your

Forget the wave! This is the
position of your body.


Think "burpee" but not quite. Lie on the floor on your tummy like a star fish. Move your arms and legs as if you are doing a star-jump 4 times. Jump up as if you are jumping up onto a surf board squatting down wide legs and low. Jump your legs back out and back down onto your tummy. Keep on repeating.

The windmill.

This is a well known exercise... It was just thrown in there to make us sweat that little bit more I think.
Legs wide. Left arm up, right arm down. Bend at the hips, squat down a little and touch your left toe with the right hand. Stand up straight. Right arm up, left arm down. Bend at the hips, squat down a little and touch your right toe with the left arm. Stand up straight. Repeat!

The Commando Crawl, Fountain, Turtle and the Windmill all for a minute each... Three or Four times around!! Yep - that certainly produced some sweat!! LOL! Especially when time kept getting added on everytime someone didn't do it right, touched their thighs on the ground in the commando crawl, stopped to early or didn't start when they were supposed to!! Hehehe... I love it!

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