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Friday, October 29, 2010

Accidently ran (almost) 9km!!

Anne and I had a plan to increase the distance of our running to build up to the 10km that I want to do in December. I mapped out our run so that we were running 6.3km - which would have been a great distance for us to do!

My new running skins.
If my legs hurt that much WITH these -
I hate to think of what they would have
been like wihout them!!

I was a little confused about one of the roads and where it was but we both knew the approximate place where it was so we were not to worried. So - we started running..... and running..... and running.... and RUNNING!!! LOL! When we passed our second train station we started questioning if we had missed the turn off, but we figured we were so close to the next road that we would just go down that instead.

I should mention that it was a 28deg day. Neither of us had run in the heat before and neither of us took a drink. We were wearing hats but mine kept blowing off anyway! About half an hour in (probably the 4.5-5km mark - which has been our previous distances) I was starting to feel a little average... I had joked with Anne before we started running about if I had to send her back for an ambulance she needed to hurry up about it!! Something about the heat really seems to suck the oxygen out of the air.... I had to keep reminding myself that there was oxygen and it was all in my mind - just keep breathing properly (learnt that the hard way getting a stitch in the last fun run).

Oh yeah..... A nice BIG
drink of water!!

So we kept running..... and running.... and running..... and RUNNING!! Until my hat blew off (again) and I stopped, turned around and picked it up. I just could not start running again! I seriously needed a drink, the stupid air had NO oxygen, my legs actually hurt (they have not ever hurt before like that from running)..... BUT ANNE WAS STILL RUNNING!!! LOL! I was having visions of her arriving back at the gym, turning around and going - where has Kelly gone!! BAHAHAHAHA..... So, I pulled something from somewhere and started running again... LOL.

She ended up waiting at some traffic lights for the green man and I caught up to her and we walked for a couple of minutes... We ended up walking three lots of a couple of minutes in that last 4 - 4.5km... But, we still managed to finish the whole 8.8km in 59 min which I am happy with. It means I will be fine to do the 10km I have planned for December in under 90min (which is what I am booking in for).

Let me say we were VERY happy to walk back into that gym - I almost shoved her out of the way to get in the door!! LOL! Straight to the drink machine....

BAHAHAHA..... I was expecting many jokes off my husband about my ability to read a map when I got home!! LOL!
Even though it was a little bit of a WHOOPS - it is very exciting!! WOO! And my knees, legs and everything were absolutly fine the next day!

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