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Friday, October 22, 2010

Different training ideas.

These are just some different things I have done in classes and training which have been fun and different. As I keep repeating myself I may as well say it again.. Different is good!!

Turn it over and jump squat up
to it!!

We did a boot camp with tyres today which at the time I hated, but thinking about it now I think it was great!! BAHAHA...
We had to do push-ups on the tyres (feet one time and hands the next); we had to squat and lunge holding them; we had to put them over our heads and shoulder press them; we had to row them like we were doing a dumbell row; and we had to turn them over in the grass and jump to them like we were frogs for ages!! PHEW!! I really hated the stupid tyre by the end!! In between each set of something we were running to various trees in various ways too... ie. knee high's, feet to butt etc...

I went on a swing today too for the first time in AGES!! Was a little freaky but FUN!! WOO!! We had to push someone and then jump-squat, push them again and then jump-squat. I was SO excited that my butt now fits in the swing - it has not fitted in one for a LOONNNGGG time!! LOL

Another idea I got from a class earlier in the week:
Begin at one side of the room.
10 squat jumps / 10 push-ups / sprint to other side of the room.
9 squat jumps / 9 push-ups / sprint to other side of the room.
8 squat jumps / 8 push-ups / sprint to other side of the room.
etc. all the way to 1!!

Circuit idea.
Each station has 2 exercises. e.g. step-ups / tricep dips OR lunges / hover OR sit-ups / running around the room.
You start out doing one exercise and do 10 then swap to the next one and do 10; then back to the first one and do 10... for 1min. Then you move on to the next station and repeat 10 / 10 for 1 min.
So for example, I did 10 sit-ups, 1 run around the room, then 10 sit-ups, then the minute was over. So, I moved to the next station where I did 10 lunges, and then I just hovered for the rest of the minute. Then I moved on etc...

This could easily have been me!! LOL.
But I am very happy to say I managed
to say ON the swing!! WOO!!

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