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Friday, October 15, 2010

Jillian Michaels tips.

I was reading someone's list of 5 things they learnt from Jillian Michaels - the link is at the end of the post:

Number 5 was:
JUST SAY THANK YOU.When I told Jillian how much weight I've lost, she congratulated me. And then (as I always do), I added, "But I still have a long way to go." "Stop," she said. "What does that do," she said, "apart from negate everything you've already accomplished? You're being self-deprecating and disempowering, and that doesn't serve anyone-and especially not you. Be proud of what you've done for yourself."

Funny thing is I do EXCATLY the same thing!! When people say, "Wow, that's amazing weight loss.." I always say something along the lines of - "but I am not there yet; still got a little to go.." Hmmm... Must work on JUST SAYING THANKS!!

Number 4 was:
It's not about gritting your teeth and finding the strength "deep within you"--I think that's B.S. and will leave many people feeling really bad that they can't find it. They key, I think, is to set up your environment and make decisions so that you can succeed even when willpower is nowhere to be found.

Now this I don't agree with. I believe BOTH is needed. I think it does take willpower, guts and strength - but also planning so that your environment and life is pointing you in the right direction. Let's face it: we all have access to a shop that sells chocolate and when a really bad day hits you in the face - without willpower who wouldn't get in their car or walk down and buy some!! LOL
I agree that people do end up feeling bad when they can't find the strength and when they DO go buy that chocolate - but that is where the strength and guts comes into play - to get back up and keeping on persisting with it the next day!! Setting up your environment in terms of having support is going to help with this too - but ultimately it's the individual who has to get back up and get on the right track and keep pushing onwards down it!!
So - I disagree!! DON'T FORGET ABOUT WILLPOWER!! BUT DON'T RELY SOLEY ON IT EITHER AND SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!  (But at the same time - don't spend forever thinking about it and never actually doing it!! Get out there and DO IT!!)

Another one I found was top 9 tips from Jillian Michaels on how to approach a workout. See the link at the end of the post.
I liked the first 2 the most I think:

1) Do What You Hate
Whenever others asked Jillian whether she likes working out, she would use this analogy – A contractor may not like using hammer, but he will be proud of the house that he just built. 

I HATE squats, lunges and step ups on a really high bench - BUT I want the butt that comes from doing them!! LOL
I also am not a huge fan of the running (HATE is too strong a word now - but I used too hate it) - BUT I want to burn the calories, build the fitness and run 5km's easily!!

2) Work Out Really Hard
Do not take it easy on yourself. 
When she says she works out hard, it also means working out in a smart way.  Do not work on the same muscle group on consecutive days and do not work on each muscle group more than twice a week.  Do not do more than 2 hours of intense cardio in a single session because you run the risk of metabolizing muscle instead of fat
If I am going to be working my BUTT off (literally) - I want to do it the SMARTEST, QUICKEST way possible - no time wastage!! So, this is good to know! I knew not to do weights 2 days in a row - not that I can really because my muscles are quite dead the following day!! LOL But, I have not heard about not working the same muscle group more than twice a week before...
I had heard that too much cardio can eat away at your muscle but I hadn't had an amount of time put on it before!! Hmm... Two hours of cardio is a LOT - think that's probably the most I do at any one time anyway - BUT good to know in case I feel really psycho one day.. BAHAHAHA!!

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