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Sunday, October 17, 2010

5km fun run. LOL.

Today I did a 5km fun run... doo dah, doo dah... Today I did a 5km run... oh doo dah day.... *happy dancing around the room waving hands in air* WOO!! LOL

5km in 34:31min.
Ecstatic with that considering:
1. I ran the WHOLE way!!
2. I had not run 5km before - and had only done 4km twice in the last 2 weeks!! LOL
3. My longish term goal was 5km in 30min - and my first run I am only 4.31min off it!
4. I only started running a couple of months ago!! BAHAHAHA...

The first few km's really were quite enjoyable!! I had a stitch for the last couple so that was a bit sucky - but it was still ok.. I remember reading you are supposed to breath deeply for a stitch - which was good because I think I was so nervous I was totally forgeting to breath!! It was a good reminder - BREATH!! The last 500m was probably when it got hard funny enough!! LOL. I could hear the cheers of other people finishing and I think I got stage fright and freaked out a bit!! Hehehe...

Anyway - gotta share the photo's as this is a HUGE thing for me. YAY!!

Before the race. Nervous much?

I met a lady on the biggest looser club forum earlier in the year - and she was SO nice - I had never met her before today but she heard I was doing my first run and came with me so I didn't have to do it by myself!! (Thanks Kate!! Appreciate it!!) It was really nice to have someone else there who has done these things before and who knew what was going on... since I had less than no clue!! LOL

It was a little slow to start with everyone crammed up together... MOVE people!! LOL.

After the huge amounts of rain we have had in the last couple of days - it was SO muddy and a little slow in some places because of that, but I am pleased to say I did NOT slip over on my butt!! Phew - thank goodness for that!

"Just keep run-ning, Just keep run-ning, Almost fin-ished, Almost fin-ished..." Trying to ignore everyone looking at me... STAGE FRIGHT!! Aargh!!

Oh my goodness!! I did it!! WOO HOO!! YIPPEE!!



*Happy Dance* (When my jelly legs had gone away)..