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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Push-ups are a great total body exercise, as they build strength and endurance in the chest, shoulders and arms, with the core and lower body working as well.
Who likes push-ups?? ME!! (Only because I can actually do them!! - Tell me to squat or lunge and I am not a happy camper). LOL.
I decided to start a bit of a resource section in my blog for both myself and anyone else who is interested!! I thought about all the different types of push-ups I know of and wrote them all down!! There are SO many of them!! Variety is good as it keeps things interesting - so if you want a change pick a different variety of push-up and have FUN!!

On a higher bench

There are obviously modifications to push-ups for those that can't do them on their toes:

On the wall

On your knees

If you havn't done push-ups before; or on you're toes is too hard use one of these modifications - whichever fits your fitness level. Obviously the more body weight you have to lift the harder it will be. When you are doing the wall ones - you are lifting the least amount of weight, compared to the knees or even the toes!! With these modifications you can practice form without straining too much.

Classic push-up

Close hands (tricep) push-up

Diamond hands push-up

Explosive Push-up

On a medicine ball

Push-up + Knee Tuck on ground

Push-up + Knee Tuck on fitball

Push-up + Rotation. Can be done with or without weights
Med Ball Shuffle.

Feet inclined. Can use a fitball.

Push-up and row with weights

On a fitball

Spider-man push-up

Staggered push-up. Can also walk forward
and backwards in between each

Shuffle push-up. Can also use a
step and just go from one side
to the other.

One arm tricep push-up

Clap push-up

With a partner. Push-up then
Hi 5 with one hand.
Push-up then Hi 5 with
the other hand

In between each classic push-up
wake a step sideways -
bit like a crab.

Do a push-up. Lift your arms (and
maybe your legs) off ground. Then
push-up off ground using
a classic push-up position.

Push-up on one leg

Sorry about the dodgy placement of the pics!! This was actually hard to set out!! LOL

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