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Saturday, October 9, 2010

War Wounds From Boot Camp.

My biceps hurt, my triceps hurt, my lats hurt, my chest muscles hurt, my butt hurts, my knees hurt, my abs hurt and a few other muscles which I don't even know what they are called - but THEY hurt too!! 3 PT sessions in 3 days is PAINFUL - mental note - DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!! Typing this blog is hurting my arms.

Boot Camp War Wounds.

Had Boot Camp PT again and it was heaps of fun. Although, I did get lots of bruises and OUCHIES!! We got tooted a few times from the cars going past which was really funny! BAHAHAHA...!!  Who would do that anyway?? I don't think I could do that to the poor people who were training - how embarrassing!! I tried to wave but I think my butt was sticking up in the air at the time and it was difficult to get my arm up. LOL

Kind of - But pushing the shoulders!!

We did a couple of wrestling type things:

1. One person held you around your middle and pulled you backwards while you had to walk forwards and pull them up a big hill.

2. Someone pushed your shoulders and pushed you down the hill and you had to push them backwards up the hill!!

Was HEAPS of fun!! But I got bruises - war wounds!! :-)
(It was worth the bruises - FUN FUN FUN!!) Hehehehe

Also we did this cool idea with the plank:

Everyone lies down in a line in a plank position with a space between them. The first person jumps over the person next to them and lies down into a plank. When they are down the next person jumps up and over the person next to them etc. Meanwhile everybody is holding the plank position waiting for their turn to jump up. Let me say there were a few "MOVE YOUR BUTT FASTER" type comments!!
                                                          Was different but cool!

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