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Monday, October 11, 2010

Ran 4km's!!

One month ago I was trying to explain to my PT how difficult running was for me. I really didn't think she understood how FREAKY running was for me. EVERYTHING about running was hard!! Still - one thing I really envied was those people who can just step out their front door and go for a jog - so she told me I was going to do a "fun" run. BAHAHahahah!! Yeah - right!!
Me Running!!

Well - The other morning I ran 4km non-stop outside!! Woo Hoo!! Next sun I am doing a 5km fun run. I booked into the fun run not really thinking I would run the whole thing - I was planning on walk/running it... But after that effort I am thinking I might be able to run it all!! Maybe... Unless I make myself sick because I am SO nervous!! I will need to try and run slow - hopefully my nerves don't turn me into a speed machine. SLOW DOWN!!

To all you non-runners out there - It is possible!! If I can do it - anyone can!! Seriously, prior to a month ago I had not run more than 500 meters outside - even during school PE classes... I was always the last one because I would always walk!! I don't even think I made it once around the oval at school!!
Four weeks ago I started out and just ran one lap, the next time I ran two, the next time I ran three.... Previously it has ALWAYS been really hard too - but I ran with someone different and ran at a slower pace. There was a HUGE difference! It was actually enjoyable!! I can't believe it!! Who would have thought!! So, if I want running to be enjoyable - simply run SLOWER!!

So keep persisting with the running people - It does get easier and YOU CAN DO IT!!

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