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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little anxious about maintenance.

I only have 4-5kg to go till I get to my goal weight and I think I am feeling a little freaked out!! I am so scared that I won't be able to stay there. I have NEVER been able to maintain a weight - my weight has always either gone up or down. This is the most weight I have ever lost and the longest amount of time I have ever kept up the great habits of exercise and healthy eating. I am planning on doing my cert 4 in fitness next year - so the plan is obviously to keep it off!! Can't have a fat, unfit PT now, can we!! But still, a part of me is freaking out that I won't be able to keep up the good habits and the weight will come back!! The problem is I know SO many people that have lost lots of weight and then put it all back on; and I really don't want to be one of those people!! I don't think I will be but that doesn't stop me from being scared about it!!

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So, I did some thinking...

How did I get so big in the first place?
- Not thinking about what I was eating. Obviously eating too much.
- Not doing any exercise.

And how am I planning on never going back there?
- Keeping up the exercise at least 3 times a week when maintenance comes. Keep running outside!! (It's been SO hard to build up - and I reckon it wouldn't take much time to loose it again!!)
- Study and become a PT (Can't have a fat, unfit PT - I need to be a good example. I can't help others achieve something if I can't maintain it!! This is a good motivation.)
- Always keeping an eye on the calories I eat, and checking my weight regularly (and jumping on top of it if it creeps up).

Speaking of it creeping up, I put on 400g this week - the first week in 8 months that I have actually put on weight!! I am sitting here telling myself - it's because I am under 70kg now (because that must make a difference!!) OR - it's because it's THAT time of the month (even though it has not caused this before LOL)... When in actual fact, I was just not organised enough!! I didn't plan what I was going to do with the couple of parties I had on Grand Final Day, and I am getting slack with counting the calories. I think part of the problem is now I am not so big, I worry people will think I am too obsessed if I take my own food and refuse dessert. People seemed to be more accepting of me doing that when I was bigger - now I find I get a lot more funny looks!! However - that is NO EXCUSE!! I can't control what they think - but I can control what I do. So, next time - MORE PLANNING and MORE REFUSING and MORE CALORIE AWARENESS!! Those little fat call suckers are not finding their way back to me!! I will kill them all!!! MMMWWWAAAHHAHAHAHAHA.

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