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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fitness Test #2. Sure this is my body??

Phew. I re-did the fitness test this week for the 12WBT!! I was trying to beat my old numbers so I almost killed myself BUT totally smashed the old ones. Problem I have NOW is that next time I have to beat THOSE figures!!! BAHAHAHA...
So, the 1km run as fast as you can I did in 5:03min (previous time was around 6min). This puts me in the advanced section for the running which really is hilarious and SO not going to happen!! The speed interval part of the program I may be able to do - but the hill run?? Mish has people running on an incline of 9% (which is HIGH) at a speed of 11.5 (which is FAST!!).. INSANE!!
I really think I pushed myself a little to hard to do this part of the test - think I underestimated just how far one km is!! IT'S A LONG WAY TO SPRINT!! Along with giving myself an asthma attack really badly (have not had asthma like that for YEARS!!), I had chest pains and felt crap for about half an hour afterwards!! It probably didn't help that I went straight into the "fat burner" class after it!! LOL. Hmm... Yep, perhaps went out a little too hard.. BUT I bet my time by a whole minute!! LOL. All it took was an almost little heart attack and major asthma for a couple of days!! WOO!!

The wall sit I had to do after a PT session as I was not organised enough to do it before. You are supposed to replicate the conditions you do the exercise in so you get an accurate picture of your improvement. BUT it didn't seem to matter with me because I wall squatted for 5:06min!! BAHAHahahaha... Too funny!! (Previously did 3min). Amazing what a little competition will do - even if it is with your own times!!
My 8 year old tried to do it with me - he was SO funny!! He kept asked if we were done yet - because his legs felt like they were going to fall off!! LOL... ... Me too buddy, me too!!

The push-ups I pushed out a few more than last time but I did this part of it after the PT session too!! So I did 49 in 1 min (on my knees); previously got 42.
The PT's at my gym seem to be crazy about the spartacus workout at the moment - which seems to have a lot of push-up stuff in it!! So - I already had sore shoulders and chest muscles!!
Check out the T-Push-ups and the Push-up rows in the link:

The flexibility test I got +9 for. (Previously +7).

I stayed the same on the ab test. No surprise there as I have not been doing all the ab exercises we are supposed to be doing. BUT I have started to do Pilaties once a week which hasn't been to painful surprisingly!! (I HATE PILATIES!!) LOL

So all up I scored advanced on everything except ab's. Man - I HATE ab work so much!! Ugh! It's hard and boring and hardly burns ANY calories!! I really am amazed at what my body can do - it really does not seem like my body.... !! A wall squat for 5min after a PT session?? Seriously?? Think I must have stolen someone else's body... anyone missing a body??