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Friday, October 22, 2010

It takes skill to be me.

Well, I reckon I would have to be the ONLY person in history who cuts their lip on GRASS while doing a push-up!! Yep - I did!! During a boot camp for the 12WBT people. That actually takes SKILL to be that unlucky!! LOL. Not to mention the grass poking me up the nose every time I almost face planted into the ground... next time I think a towel is in order for under my face!! The cut was not bad, but there seemed to be SO much blood!! It was a little awkward because we were boxing and running too at the time and I was getting blood everywhere... which is just not good when you are training with a bunch of people you have never met before!! LOL

Another thing I have noticed with my training lately (which I don't particularly like) is the exclusion and separation I feel when exercising with bigger people. People who know nothing about me and the fact that 8 months ago I was where they are!! I swear I was getting dirty looks the other day!! I was working out with a group of people and doing the 'harder' versions of the exercises... When I got home and told my husband, his comment was something along the lines of: It's because you are one of those skinny b!@#es now. You know - those one's I used to HATE because they had it easy and found it easy!! Yep - those ones. LOL!! NNOOOOOOO!!!!!! But I'm NOT!! I am still fat on the inside!! I really don't think of myself as being fit... (even though the fitness test results put me in the advanced category!!) I'm a fat, unfit person inside a fitter, thinner persons body!! Think that means I am having some sort of an identity crisis!! HELP!

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