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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny gym stories.

There are many things which happen to me at the gym which I think are funny - how can there NOT be given my co-ordination and balance issues!! I was jumping away in the 'fat burner' class (which I think is a combination of high impact aerobics and body attack), and I hear the instructor repeating 'left leg first, left leg'; and I think to myself "would the person just listen already"!! Only to realise a few seconds and 'left legs' later that she is talking to ME!! WHOOPS!! Hehehe.... Looking around I see a few people grinning at me - Good! Always happy to provide the entertainment I am!!

Another week during our time training each other Anne and I were doing a one leg squat. We were having a few problems balancing - and the wall is not easy to hold onto!! So we went to the banister around the edge of the 2nd story in the gym... Both of us grabbed hold of the rail and lowered into a squat position - where we both got a quick shock when the banister tipped with us!!! Whoops!! Aside from the fact that we both nearly fell over -- (how embarrassing), we almost renovated the gym!! (And I really don't think it would have been an appreciated renovation!!) Needless to say we thought the wall was not such a bad choice after all and lucky for us IT held together!! LOL. (And for anyone that is actually worried about the safety of this, the part of the rail where this was has windows behind it - there is no drop to the next floor).

I'll take a few of THESE seat covers!!!

One evening I was on the bike peddling away trying to get some sort of inspiration from the music on my ipod. Finally I get it all set up, put the ipod down and start to get into it, when my foot caught on the earphone cord. It pulled the ipod off the bike - fell and hit my foot (which was turning with the pedal) - which kicked the ipod out of the little headphone hole and over the banister of the top floor(which was at least 0.5m away)!! I could not have done it like that even if I had tried!! My ipod fell from upstairs to the ground floor (where people were having coffee) and landed on a chair!! Right next to a lady who was reading the paper!! WHOOPS!! Phew - glad it didn't fall half a meter to the left - the lady would have gotten an ipod in the head!! And I am happy to say the ipod still works FINE!! YAY!

No - this is NOT me!! LOL
I have a few more fat rolls...
Then of course there is the issue of the bra straps. Who invented them to be crossed over?? Must have been a guy  I reckon!! When I was shopping for this particular type on one I asked the shop lady how on earth you were supposed to get it on - and her answer was, "You kind of get into it like it is a bit of a strait jacket.." And she was NOT wrong!! Are you serious?!?!?!  They are great when they are on - brilliant! But, trying to get them on is a nightmare! The first few times I called my husband in to do the swapping over of the straps - but I realised I couldn't get it off without his help either (which is just ridiculous to be stuck in sweaty gym bra till he gets home)... so I decided I needed to master the art myself. I set myself up in front of the mirror and started with all the back bits unhooked and tried to pull the straps over to the opposite shoulder bit. PING! The strap metal bit broke in half and flew off and hit the mirror! What the?? Thank goodness they give you spare straps!! (I was wondering why that was...) FINALLY, days later and many attempts trying in the mirror - I think I have mastered the art of the crossing over of the bra straps! PHEW!! They should sell those bras with a warning label!!

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