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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Think I am getting soft.

Perhaps I am getting softer as time goes on but PT has been HARD lately!! My usual PT has been on holidays and so I have been trained by a couple of others. I do not think I have ever dripped sweat like I dripped yesterday!! I could see it raining off me!! I thought to myself about half-way through - I am going to have to drink about 5 litres of water today to re-hydrate myself!! I almost had the safety issue of me possibly slipping over in the puddle of sweat under my feet!! LOL. It was great - and I am pleased to say not one whinge or moan passed my lips (take that Kyle Sandilands: aka whinger boy).

Today I almost CRIED!! I did - how embarrassing!! I got over it pretty quick but it HURT so much! We had already done 40 squats with a 20kg bar on my back; and now we were doing jump squats but holding the squat position for 5 seconds, then jumping up... then holding the squat for 5sec, then jumping up... etc for 1 min. By the last one I seriously almost cried - tears came to my eyes and I could feel my face scrunch up. I think I managed to cover it up pretty quickly but OUCH!! I want to cry now just thinking about it! On a more positive note I did do chin ups with her holding onto my legs which was pretty cool... My ultimate goal is to do unassisted ones - so to do them like that on the bar was COOL (even though she was probably pushing me butt up there!!)

A few other things we did were:

On a bench while holding weights: 10 knee repeaters / 10 step ups / 10 toe taps (like a knee repeater, but just tap your foot on the bench instead of raising your knee). Do all this on one leg - then do the other leg.
Skipping 1 min.
10 knee highs running and 2 push-ups (toes) - 10 times.
*Then do it all again!!*
Something about doing intense cardio followed by something slow and steady (ie. push-ups, plank, sit ups), for a little amount of time each, repeated over and over, is really hard!! It sounds easy but it is SO not!! Like on that you tube clip in an earlier the post the commando got them to run then leopard crawl. HARD.


Then there was the step running (20), then step jumping (20), followed by shuffle tapping the step (20). TIMES TWO!! We also did burpees with a jump up on the step; lots of mountain climbers; some stair runs with jump squats at the top and some bench-squat-swap-sides-squat thingies holding weights.

Something else which was actually quite hard to do was push-ups on the toes but walk across the room on your hands and feet (one step with both hands and feet between each one). I can feel my chest muscles tonight and I only did them this morning - that does not look good for tomorrow's pain!! LOL

WAY TO SOFT!!          SUCK IT UP!!

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