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Saturday, January 14, 2012

B is for BEGIN.

The hardest part is often the beginning!! Whether you are referring to weight loss or merely to exercise in general.

I often think it's a bit like having a baby -- seriously hard work when they first come out; you wonder if it ever gets easier and you think you won't be able to cope... However, you soon discover that it just gets easier and easier as time passes! It's the same with the weight-loss journey - starting is hard and the first week is often seriously hard... but then as your willpower muscle gets stronger, you start to believe in yourself a little more and things seem to keep getting easier and easier!!

The saying JFDI works for a reason!! Once you are up and out the door - it just happens (most of the time). Mish has a great 10min rule. You tell yourself you only have to do 10min and then if you want to stop you can -- 99% of the time you will keep going!! The hardest part is getting up and getting going. Awesome rule!

People often will not begin the weight loss journey because they are afraid of something... Perhaps they have "began" way to many times before?? I know I got tired of "beginning" all the time when I was on my journey! I guess when you think of the alternative though -- it is not much of an alternative!! You either begin and keep plodding along and striving to change your life -- or you don't begin and you sit where you are for another year or two just wishing you would begin!! LOL! JFDI is great.

So, what's it gonna be people -- Begin?? OR Sit there, have time pass by with you wishing you had started a year ago.

Keep on trying. Never give up on something which you don't go a day without thinking about. Keep on plodding along and chipping away at things and you will eventually get to where you want to go. It all starts with BEGINNING. So BEGIN!

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