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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012.

Thanks 2011 for all the lessons I learned
Thanks 2011 for the things I have achieved
Thanks 2011 for the things I could hang on to
Thanks 2011 for bringing me over into 2012
Good bye 2011 -- I am EXCITED about 2012!!

Yep -- there is a reason I was not a poet or professional writer!! Haha!!
However, reflecting is always good to do. Reflect of goals which have been met and re-setting ones which you are part way onto meeting... And what I wanted to say is that there have been many things I have learned, achieved and been able to maintain!!

- Made some amazing friends
- Completed at Cert 3&4 in Fitness to now be a PT
- Ran a Half Marathon in 1:59:19
- Got up to 4 chin ups
- Maintained 58-59kg for 6 months of the year and 60-62 the other 6 months
- Got a job at Fernwood Womens Health
- Started teaching a boxing class
- Moved to the outer eastern suburbs
- Had long service leave from Villa and returned to work on a different site in the east
- Had my husband come on board and get excited about my new career choice

... So, all up I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and moved onwards -- despite many road blocks and speed humps along the way...

An awesome exercise to do which I found recently!!

Find some quiet time and imagine what you would accomplish, what your life would be like and WHO YOU WOULD BE if there were NO LIMITS. Imagine it in as much detail as possible and don’t censor yourself at all. When I did this for the first time I actually saw who I TRULY wanted to be – and it WASN’T who I was at the time and it wasn’t even where I was heading. Imagining the life I wanted with no limitations completely changed the course of my life.
Take some time, put on some music and GET INSPIRED. Imagine your BEST SELF and your ULTIMATE LIFE if you could live any life you wanted!
I would love to have my own business working with kids who have disabilities helping them with their health and fitness goals -- helping them to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Exciting Plans for 2012 include...
- Specialising more in kids/teen fitness & disability and rehabilitation.
- Do the Certificates associated with this.
- Get experience with mini moves and yoga bugs
- Get a job in a mixed gym and getting more experience with personal training
- Swimming more!! (And perhaps riding a bike).. Triathlon here I come! haha
- Getting the running and chin-up'ing happening more!!
- Keeping my weight around 60kg
- Doing a fun run with my husband!! YAY! (Not sure he knew that yet -- oh well - he does now!! HI TRAV!).. lol

... I am looking forward to the year ahead.. Bring it ON! Woo!!

As you will see from previous blog posts I have struggled this last half of the year -- but one thing I have learned (which I have probably written in previous posts) is that you WILL succeed if you just keep going... keep fighting !! Never give up and you will get there! Failing is not failing unless you give up! Failing is merely a road block or a speed hump that you need to go around or over - therefore it is not really failing! Setbacks on the road to health and fitness are a NORMAL part of the process -- do not them de-rail you! Keep on pushing on...

In 2011 I...

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