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Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for ATTITUDE.

Your attitude determines your success or failure to reach your goals. A positive mental attitude is essential for you to get to where you want to be. Patience, commitment and determination are needed -- and an attitude which can overcome any hurdles/disappointments and keep you pressing on towards your goals.
Your mind is very powerful - never underestimate the power of the mind! It is the mind which will have you either giving up or forging on. A person with a positive mental attitude LOOKS for things to motivate them and encourage them. Negative attitudes really are looking for reasons to quit!! Thoughts are important because they lead to action!!

Negative attitudes rob you of energy and have you feeling powerless and depressed. It is possible to change your attitude -- hard but possible!! You need to train your mind to switch thoughts when the negative ones come in! Every time you say no to something or get out and do some exercise -- celebrate those times and remind yourself that you did good when you did that. If you celebrate your successes and feel good about yourself -- your are heaps more likely to repeat those experiences and it becomes easier to not listen to the negative voice reminding you of the times you failed! Give attention to the positive things you do and you will feel better about yourself and have more motivation to keep going because you actually believe you have a chance to succeed!

Added to this is the fact that sooo many people emotionally eat -- with a positive attitude you are heaps less likely to turn to food because you feel like crap!!
If you make it a priority to keep a positive mental attitude then you will loose weight, and get fitter and stronger!

A few ways to promote a positive attitude:
1. Be aware of negative thoughts -- stop them immediately and replace them with a positive affirmation.
2. Aim to eat more healthy and be more active rather than go on a diet.
3. Make sure your goals are realistic and keep pushing to reach them. Do this consistently and know that you will get there by not giving up.
4. Think about how you can get around obstacles rather then be stumped by them. eg. Can't get out of the house because of kids?? Do a workout at home with them!!
5. Reward your behaviour -- not your weight. The weight it the fruit on the tree -- your behaviour is the root of your problem! Focus on the roots and the fruit will take care of itself!

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