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Friday, September 24, 2010


Today I had a group PT session with 3 other people who totally kick my butt when it comes to the exercise department. My private motto for the day (well - not so private anymore huh) was something along the lines of, "I would rather collapse and die than fall behind or quit"; and let me just say that it almost came to that!!! I only thought I felt like crap in the previous training session I wrote about... As Anne put it when we finished, "I only died twice!!" Except - I think I died 10 times... It was great!!

I swear all I could hear was myself - gasping for breath and groaning!! That's the problem with outside - at least in the gym music drowns that out!!  LOL.

Running, sprinting, burpees, jumpsquats, polymetric lunges, push-ups, more sprinting, tricep dips, raising weights this way and that way (mind you I had to pick the heavier ones, didn't I - won't be making THAT mistake next week!!), jumping backwards and forward, high knees, more sprinting, side jumps, a duck and a bear walk, crunches of various kinds, boxing with the weights in our hands, followed by some more sprinting... FOR AN HOUR!!! I was absolutely STUFFED after just half an hour!! :-) I don't think there was a single muscle which was not worked... Next week I won't be going to the gym to do my weight training before this session either!! Whoops!! THAT was a mistake too!! LOL

Bear: Walk along like this with your hands
on the ground without bending your legs.

When it came to jumpsquats she told me these were especially for me... I am SO going to kill my normal PT!! Sharing exercises that we especially hate among themselves - That's just cruel!!  AARRGHHH!!!  But, something my normal PT does not know is that there is something WORSE than jumpsquats... I can't STAND abdominal work!! (Now I guess I'll see if she actually reads this blog...) Hahahaha!! Hate it with a passion which is probably why I suck so bad at it!!

The PT today kept asking us if we were ok (see previous post: "PT yesterday and Anne")..... to which I said, "How am I supposed to answer that? Why do you ask that for!!??" Apparently people do actually say, "no- I don't feel so good"......  Well, I said I would probably collapse before that happened!! LOL Someone made the comment that if I vomited then they would know something was wrong!! And I am pleased to report NO vomiting and NO collapsing was to be seen!! I managed to hold it together - YAY! I came home all sweaty and with real dirt on me - my husband took one look at me and said, "Yuck, what have you been DOING!"

Next week we are apparently using tyres...
Should I be scared now??

Boot Camp Workout Idea (from today).

Set some cones out like a shuttle/suicide run.
Start up one end and do 10 of something (choose your killer exercise. e.g. push-ups)
Sprint to the first cone and do 15
Sprint to the second cone and do 20
Sprint back to the start.
Keep on doing it substituting all the various exercises from above into the killer exercise. e.g. Burpees, jumpsquats, polymetric lunges etc... (And there you have some of what I did today!!)

Another idea from another day.

Left foot on the bench (standing parallel to it - not facing it), right foot on the ground. Squat down as low as you can with your left foot still up on the bench. (I am short so there wasn't much squatting happening before my bum nearly touched the bench!!). Push up through your left foot (on the bench) which ends up lifting your right foot off the ground and raise up your right knee. Do this holding dumbbells : 7-9kg ones would be good (but again, choose what is good for you!!) Repeat this 12 times and then swap legs and do it all again. OUCH!!

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