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Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspirational Clip: Just Do It!

Saw this on a post on the 12WBT forum and thought it was inspirational so thought I'd share it here!!
I LOVE the "Just do it" aspect....

I recently made a playlist on my ipod which is called "Just get it done". Then I read someone's post on a forum where they were talking about their bad day. Tired, grumpy, could NOT be bothered... C'mon - we have all been THERE!! Their PT said to them "Let's just do what needs to be done so it's over. Let's just get it done!!" I LOVE that!! I have that same mentality sometimes, "The quicker you do this, the quicker it is over and you can move on!!" Polymetric lunges?? Jump squats?? I SO can not be bothered with them!! "Just get them done" mentality makes it heaps easier!! Don't think - Just DO!!

The 12WBT which I am doing also has something similar - JFDI. Just do it (with an F in there)... Great Advice!!

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